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Article: Should cigarettes be made illegal? watch


    Smoking in public should be banned

    Making them illegal is just going to cause a bigger problem on the war on drugs.

    Making anything illegal is just going to cause a bigger problem, I mean look at weed, that's illegal but people still smoke.
    Really it's about education more than anything.
    What put me off smoking is seeing the pictures of the insides of smokers, doing adverts with them showing might put few people off.

    No. If you choose to smoke and pay the tax on it then that is your choice. And even if it was banned a large black market would just develop and the police who are stretched out as it is will probably not bother enforcing the ban.

    Obviously not, we're not a totalitarian regime. The state has no right whatsoever to tell people what they can and cannot put into their own bodies.

    This is a non-question
    • TSR Group Staff

    TSR Group Staff
    (Original post by Kaeden)
    Lets make cigarettes illegal to make the smokers cry.
    Lets make alcohol illegal to make the drinkers/drunks cry.
    Lets make fast food illegal to make the food lovers cry.
    Lets make tanning illegal to make the British equivalents of Snooki cry.
    Lets make Starbucks Frappuccinos illegal to make white girls cry.

    All of the above are unhealthy (some more than others), but people are going to continue doing it anyway because they enjoy it.

    Smoking isn't the only thing that is bad for your health.
    Don't forget Pauly D. He be mad too
“Yanny” or “Laurel”
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