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Why is prejudice is ethnic minorities not challenged in the UK? watch


    It's mostly whites who are predudice and racist, you talking about others is pathetic, it's a typical thing that white racists do along with playing the victim with a false narrative.

    (Original post by slade p)
    It's mostly whites who are predudice and racist,
    When 90% of the population is white isn't it inevitable that most racists people are white? What would be more interesting is discovering what proportion of Asians are racist, compared to whites.

    I remember sitting on a bus with a Pakistani friend and he told me that he wished all the Chinese people (there's lots in my cities uni) would leave. I also listened to Asian Network once and the subject matter was whether prejudice against Blacks by the South Asian community existed or not. I s**t you not 2/3s of the responses were against racism but a 1/3 were straight up kicking it. One guy said that black people are more related to monkeys than humans and the radio host went mental. "Less evolved than we are", "Robbing thieves" and etc were things I heard. Also I think on a to show called immigration street some South Asians lads shouted at a black man to go inside (calling him a ******) threatening to be violent. To sum up an answer to your question OP racism by the ethnic minorities is just one example of the backward value immigrants commonly bring with them when they migrate. The only thing that can be done is to wait because eventually most of these backward values go away (eventually) by themselves with time. I think when it comes to some ethnic minorities I think they secretly believe they are better than all other races but although that's bad it's a lot more healthier than having a notch on your shoulder (like the guy here). There is racism against white people as well and usually it results in sexual assault of some kind but usually nothing above that (not that that's ok).
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