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List reasons why you like your crush ITT watch

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    What do people think of the description of my crush does she seem nice?
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    My crush is like a better version of me. Every day they inspire and motivate me to try harder and get on their level.

    (Original post by Forumaddict)
    What do people think of the description of my crush does she seem nice?
    She seems adorable You should talk to her!

    (Original post by Forumaddict)
    In The Thread. I thought this was standard forum lingo
    'Itt' actually means 'here' in my language. So you just said 'list reasons why you like your crush HERE' as far as I am concerned.
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    She's very pretty rather than super hot as others would say, i would prefer to sit and watch a film with her, snuggled under a blanket with snacks rather than get black out drunk then come home and f**k. In my eyes she's a real girly girl, long hair and dresses like she is self concious rather than trying to show off all her body.

    She's perfect in my eyes, i would do anything to be with her

    She's really geeky, in an adorable way.
    She's really kind, and so, so caring.
    She's the least judgemental person I know.
    She's properly crazy, and I love the weirdness
    Her personality is in sync with mine - we just get each other, y'know?
    She's really sweet.
    Sometimes, when she's being earnest, she does this really adorable expression with a soft voice, and it's just too cute!
    Dat ass. Seriously, she has a great figure.
    I know that I can trust her with anything.

    Argh 'kay I'm gonna stop now. I could be here all day otherwise

    He is kind, funny, generous, lovable, wears nice clothing, i can trust him, he makes me smile even when i don't want to, and he makes my day a whole lot better. I miss him even when i just saw him. P.S. we just had our 3rd date today.
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    He's quiet and cute hoho
    He's good in story telling but not irl tho ahhaha he plays the piano and has quite good results
    he plays badminton and is a runs during sports day haha
    he's not cute to my friends tho hahahaha
    He likes football haha
    he's determined and quite calm x3
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    He is cute, supportive, caring and always willing to offer help to others.
    He is that kind of guy who shows no interest in having a relationship at all.
    He smiles and laughs all the time.

    He is really intelligent. He goes to Oxford.
    I was only staying in Oxford for 4 days for interviews and we met twice.
    On the last day before my first interview, we had dinner together and he said "don't try to learn anything new tonight", "get a nice sleep", "if you start to panic tonight, message me! I won't let you worry".

    Sometimes I imagined how will university life with him be like... I used to be very eager to get into Oxford because of its good reputation and all that... But now I want to get in because I want to spend time with someone I like there...

    I will probably cry on the floor if I receive a rejection jeez....
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    (Original post by Forumaddict)
    They are just so cool! So kind and smart and share my interests and everything! I met them on an interview day for my course!
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    1. Never follows up on plans 😍 😍 😍
    2. Only calls when he needs something 😘 👌👌
    3. Never keeps his word 😍 ❤️ ❤️
    4. Talks to multiple girls at the same time 😍 😍 😘

    guys i think i found the one im meant to be with 5eva
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