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why is there no focus on lebanon watch


    (Original post by Howard)
    That's so strange. I have never heard that expression in my life before until I read it elsewhere on a blog last night and now see that you've posted it too. Twice in the space of 12 hours after decades of never hearing it before. How odd!

    Good old Shakespeare

    (Original post by Turkeyisbest)
    People like you are uneducated and clueless. A month ago in Turkey, 150 people were killed from the ISIS bombings, and why hasn't the media promotes such event. Because the western world is used to these events, and the media finds it being normal. And maybe because its a Muslim country? People need to wake up and think the truth, social media and the media is controlling your minds. WAKE UP. These bombings happen in Palestine every day, and why isn't Israil seen as terrorists? They are killing 100s of innocent children every day!
    Firstly your last statement is a lie and if you wish to maintain a shred of credibility you should rescind it.

    Secondly you're a hypocrite because you whine about Palestine because it's Muslim lives being talked about but I'll bet my house and everything in it that you don't speak as much of Boko Haram's Christian victims even though far more of them die than in Palestine.

    Explain yourself.

    (Original post by MrDystopia)
    This just shows how uninformed people are (yourself included). The amount of people saying 'we must pray for Japan too' was stupid. Japan is hit by hundreds of earthquakes a year, with a few causing tsunami warnings.

    The earthquake you mentioned caused no injuries, deaths, or damage. It is not comparable in any way to Paris.
    Um, why are you so butthurt? Did I say anything about pray for Japan? I only said that there was many disasters that happened at the same time but Paris was largely reported because of the tragedy and shock factor. I was simply saying that there was other news in the world but it "wasn't as important" as what happened in Paris. I hope you lost some calories from jumping to conclusions because that's the only good thing it did for ya.

    I cant remember who said this but it gets to the heart of the problem (if it is even a problem)

    What would you lose more sleep over?

    An earthquake in china killing a 1000 people or

    Having an operation on your little finger the next day.
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