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    Yes. I think that in circumstances where someone has a terminal illness or a totally disabling illness or disability, they should absolutely have the chance to end their life with dignity.

    (Original post by EccentricDiamond)
    no it is a separate issue because people have the right to end their lives this should not stay illegal because there may be some abuses. Any potential for abuse should be treated separately.

    thats like banning everyone from driving because some people might get hit by a car and die,

    Your statement is a false dichotomy
    There exist some things that should be and are completely banned from society because of the minority that might abuse them, even though the majority of people would use them reasonably and well. You could say it's like banning everyone from driving because some people might crash their cars, but I could say it's like banning gun ownership because some people might accidentally shoot people with them. And we have banned guns. His argument is not necessarily wrong on the face of it.

    Even so I don't think euthanasia is something that should be completely banned.

    No. It is too open to abuse. There are no safeguards that could prevent some doctors abusing this. Pressure could be placed on the individual concerned to make that decision when they don't want to.

    The family may also put pressure on the patient to commit suicide due to inheritance issues or because that person is viewed as a burden on the family.

    I also have issues with assisted suicide because of the message. It removes the sanctity of life if suicide, instead of being seen as something to prevent, is acceptable.

    It also puts health care professionals in a difficult position as they are being asked to provide something that will kill a person when they went into that profession to prolong life.

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