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17th Feb: Mental Health - do you talk about it? watch

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    I am frequently on the verge of panic attacks or anxiety attacks in a lot of my subjects at college. It's mostly due to performing, reading out loud or tests. I told my form tutor and he is urging me to tell my parents but I am unsure how to?
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    (Original post by BBC Radio 1)
    This week on Radio 1’s Surgery with Gemma and Dr Radha, we’re talking about Mental Health, and the importance of talking.

    Have you ever suffered with mental health issues? Did you tell anyone, or did you keep it to yourself? We want to hear about your experiences here!

    Please note: you can post anonymously in this forum
    Hey I've been struggling with a mixture of depression and anxiety for years now. I started self harm at about 14 (im 21 now) since about 18 I haven't hurt myself but regularly I still have anxiety attacks and bouts of depression. To get me out of my slumps I often helped my friends with their issues as it distracted me but it was never a permanent fix. After taking A level Psychology I realized my issues began at 8 or 9 due to being a victim of bullying and moving away from the place I lived to a new school where I wasn't really accepted. Since being with my girlfriend my issues aren't as bad as she has been able to help me when I was upset. But in the past few months since starting uni my anxiety and depression has been really bad again and I've been contemplating seeing a doctor but I would feel better and feel awfully guilty for thinking I "need" a doctor... this is now making me feel worse as my anxiety is being caused by this guilt and I lately I've been stuck in a state of "mental purgatory". Any advice i just tuned in at random to kill some time and hearing this show being on has just given me the spur of hope someone can actually help me ... Thank you for any help if you read this x

    2 of my close friends know that I go through a lot of emotional difficulty, but I've never told them I used to have depression for a veryyy long time or anything.

    If they asked I would probably tell them yes.
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    I suffer from them - usually just bottle it up because I don't want to burden anyone with my ****

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    Oh here we go again...

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Hey I've been struggling with a mixture of depression and anxiety for years now. I started self harm at about 14 (im 21 now) since about 18
    Whose side are you on?

    I don't really talk about my issues. I used to but the friends I had at the time couldn't cope with it and they said I was stayed depressed to spite them and it was such a toxic situation that I get scared of telling people in case they hate me and leave me like my old friends did.

    Also, my depression and anxiety make me kinda paranoid so I always think that there's nothing really wrong with me, I'm making it up, I'm such an attention seeker etc etc so I don't want to talk about it to anyone, not even doctors. Like, I should really go to the doctor and go back into therapy but I get so scared that I really am faking it and I'm wasting everyone's time

    My parents and a RL friend know about my mental health condition but other than those and TSR I don't tell anyone. I have uncles, aunts, and cousins on facebook and I can't imagine ever being open in front of them as well as people I semi-know from school. I feel ashamed, embarrassed, and weak to be suffering - I'm struggling so much at university but don't feel able to tell my professors that I can't keep up. The thought of them knowing is terrifying, like I said it makes me feel ashamed in myself so to have them stand there and look at me is just unthinkable. I'm probably going to fail two of my classes this semester, because of my inability to concentrate and my poor memory. I went to the disability office to see if I could get any help (and god that was difficult) but they need an evaluation from my psychiatrist which is a) expensive and b) would mean my professors would know and view me differently. But on the other hand, I'm in line to fail 2 classes so maybe I should try and get over myself but I don't think I can.

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is my main diagnosis (it is severe and "complex", though currently, complex PTSD is not in the DSM or the ICD [though it maybe in the near future], so they cannot officially diagnose me with it, so my records just say PTSD), but I think my GP records say I've got depression and anxiety, though I'm not 100% sure. Numerous professionals at my community mental health team (CMHT) also say I have an eating disorder, specifically anorexia nervosa, but I don't agree with them, I think it's most likely a different ED. Additionally I have pretty bad dissociative symptoms.

    I've had mental health issues from an extremely young age (~4 years old). My psychologist says I've had an eating disorder since I was 4 or 5, as well as anxiety and depression around the same time. I also began self harming at around 4 years old too. This was all in response to trauma (at some points in my childhood it was constant, all day every day, other times it was calmer, generally when one of my main abusers wasn't in the country; different abusers and different types of abuse) and despite asking for help, no one did anything. Even phoning the police and telling them my dad is trying to kill me/is chasing me with a knife they weren't all that bothered and didn't arrest him when they eventually turned up (an hour later). PTSD symptoms started around 10 years old, in other words, it was a delayed onset.

    Fast forward to now (I'm 21), I started getting help for my mental health in December 2014 from my university GP and she referred me to my local CMHT (no one else paid enough attention to me to notice that I wasn't well when I was a kid). This wouldn't have happened had I not been getting support from some of my best friends. One of them came with me to the first GP appointment and to the initial assessment at CMHT, and she's been a pillar of support ever since (they all have, but they were even before I started getting professional help). Having said that, in the near future I'm being discharged from my CMHT as my PTSD is "too severe" for them to treat, so they want me to go elsewhere, which currently isn't viable. Honestly, I feel like I shouldn't have even bothered talking to anyone about what I'm going through. I'm completely disillusioned. The NHS needs to get its **** together.

    My family generally don't know. Mainly because we either don't talk, or because they're in a different country. My immediate family don't know/don't care, apart from my mum, who found out accidentally. Having said that, I do get immense support from my friends IRL (and on here!) and I don't know where I'd be without them honestly. We are all pretty open when we're struggling with problems, mental health related or not, so it's pretty easy to both get support and give support.

    I have suffered from mental health issues and still suffering from it. I have told my GP and my best friend. I find it hard to even bother to actually even open up to anybody because I believe they are less likely to even understand so what is the point. Another thing is that I feel a lot worse .after even opening up anyone. My own bestfriend does not understand how I feel, she probably thinks I'm lying or even attention seeking possibly. It is just terrible when you have no help. My GP does not want to put me on daily medication as I am still yet young. So, my GP put me onto a program called IAPT which is something like counselling and they give advice on how to maintain stress etc. But, that did not really help.
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