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Am I good enough to self-teach C4 watch


    If I can get a decent mark in our C4 integration tests, so can you I found C4 easier than C3, so it's definitely worth a try!

    C4 is very little effort if you have a good understanding of C3.

    The only difficult part conceptually is vectors in C4, but they become ridiculously easy after a bit of practice.

    (Original post by Duck3rd)
    Louis, what situation? I'm still here. Just had a **** load of work to do recently.

    I have no problem with Zacken. It's just the selling of dreams which I dislike. I mean, he completed the whole of the A level Maths content in 2014, but goes around telling people he did it in 4 months. So, he's not exactly bright, just had more experience than most of us.

    Plus, to most people on these forums he's seen as somewhat of a 'role model' and advising people to not do textbook questions and just watch examSolutions and do past papers will inevitably lead to a bunch of people failing.
    The situation I was referring to was the many many bans

    It's good to see you are still around though (I don't think zacken will agree). What work have you been up to? (I myself have been swamped too )

    I think he is smart, it is hard to judge peoples intelligence from an internet forum so I try not to most of the time.

    (Original post by Zacken)
    Nopes. Average. If you want Palette has just recently finished self-teaching C4 he may be able to share his experiences.
    I haven't quite finished self-teaching (vectors come after integration in my C3/C4 textbook), but I am on my way to the finish line!

    (Original post by Don Joiner)
    Do you think? I've heard it's so hard tho ahah

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    I wouldn't exactly say C4 is "easy" - the integration will take some time getting used to as will vectors. These two chapters are inherently the "chunk" of C4, but once you come to grips with them, you might find it quire enjoyable. I've self taught everything other than C1 and C2.

    C3 is the big stumbling block... if you have cracked that then C4 = doddle
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Updated: February 20, 2016
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