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Which private jet should I get? [POLL] watch


    (Original post by Amazing Egghead)
    So as a reward for my high performance in my Harvard exams (I will be graduating near if not at the very top of my class) and in anticipation of getting my flying license in April my dad has offered to buy me a private jet.

    I've narrowed it down to two models:

    the Embraer Phenom 300

    and the Learjet 40 (mine will be pure white)

    I've come up with some of the pros and cons of each to help me decide

    Phenom 300 Pros
    - Looks cooler than the Learjet which is optimal for acquiring chicks
    - Can be flown with 1 pilot unlike the Learjet, which would be optimal for me
    - Bigger than the Learjet and can fly much faster which is optimal for acquiring social capital in general
    - Slightly cheaper for my dad's sake but I don't really care about this

    Phenom 300 Cons
    - Has a smaller passenger capacity by one. I'd be able to have a MFFFFFF sevensome in the Learjet but only a MFFFFF sixsome in the Phenom
    - Was produced in Brazil, which is a 2nd world country at best and might make me look like a bit of a loser if people found out

    Learjet 40 Pros & Cons
    Basically as above

    I realise that the elite demographic on here will be slender at best, but I'd really appreciate some help in deciding as even to the son of an oil tycoon 9 million dollars is no small amount of money
    What about a pink one ?

    Learjet 40, I disagree about it looking worse, I definitely prefer it.

    Who on earth buys their own private jet and then flies it themselves? Pfffft. It's like buying a stretch limo and driving it yourself.

    Anything less than a A380 and you are a cheap skate. Real men fly Su 35s.

    (Original post by Schleigg)
    Who on earth buys their own private jet and then flies it themselves? Pfffft. It's like buying a stretch limo and driving it yourself.
    This.. Get somthing smaller and more practical for fun like those bush stol things and charter when you are being flown.
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