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    I also experienced this, those people aren't worth it. You will probably find it hard for a while, but if they can't even accept you just because you don't have the same beliefs as them, then you really don't need them. Good luck

    (Original post by AthiaKarim)
    That's crazy. My friend recently became an ex Muslim and told everyone he is gay. I'm a Muslim and I'm still friends with him. I think it's awful that your Muslim friends would just abandon you. I'd say you had a lucky escape. Their true colours have flourished and now you know who is good for you.

    As for the girl you like, try and put your beliefs to the side, and try and get to know eachother. If she's good for you, she should like/love you for who and what you are.
    They are just friends not a big deal unless you are really sensitive

    No offense, but what did you expect?

    wth? I have many friends who left Islam and I, along with the rest of our friends, treat them the same way
    the relationship was between you and God and if you don't believe in it anymore that's between you and you, it is non of their business to do that to you
    not worth it
    cut them off

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I just wish I could do something do get everyone cohesive.
    Yes I'm South Asian, in fact I'm Indian.

    I actually don't want to be in a 'haraam relationship', by that I'm guessing you mean pre-marital. I don't believe in that. Even though I'm ex-Muslim, I still carry a conservative view about marriage.

    And it's different, I want to marry her. I don't care if she prays 5 times a day, in fact I'd encourage it if it makes her happy. I don't hold anything against Islam and I'd still like to hold strong relations with the Muslim community.
    The close minded people won't want to hang around with you since you're a "fitnah" to them. Nothing you could do but leave them and live your life.

    Why did you tell everyone you left Islam if you want to have strong ties with the Muslim community? Especially, people who are your 'friends' but stopped because you're not a part of their faith.

    Imho, it would be best for you to meet some new people, do other activities. Your perspective on certain things will change with time and experiences.

    As a Muslim myself I think your friends are so wrong for doing that wth, just because you think differently to them and they suddenly don't want to talk to you, that's so ignorant. Maybe it really is a good thing they left because you know their true colours now. You'll be fine dw

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