Jobs which don't involve sitting in an office


    What about it not being the issue that a job NEEDS a degree, but that a degree helps you to get a job in a area if you have one. And as it's always all over the news how many less jobs/more unemployment partially in young people having a degree may help you get a job when you finish-plus probably looks better on a CV than many unemployed years.

    I'm not saying you need to do a degree, because it really is not for everyone (like I regret doing mine.. hate it) but, their could be another side to it.

    It's what I am going to do with my life You'd be on your feet a lot and certainly not bored!

    Anything in the oil & gas business. Or agriculture, or...

    (Original post by Ybsy75)
    Most well paid careers require a degree. If I just wanted to do something I'd enjoy I'd probably be a healthcare support worker or something but they're so low paid its not sustainable in the long run.
    I don't know - I think it's very hard to definitively say that when there are many well paid careers that don't require a degree as a pre-requisite for employment into them; but does add to your application or may not even help at all. I mean, look at he huge amounts of careers in the banking, stocks/shares industries etc etc that don't require a degree.

    As for a career that doesn't involve sitting in an office (much), what about the military? Officer pay is really very good (£30k after training for several roles), and think of all the stuff you get to do that others don't and will be in awe of. Whilst you don't technically need a degree to do many of the roles, there are some specialist roles that require it (how about being a military GP?), and to be honest the military wants top quality people which in many cases means people who have had a good amount of life experience who have worked hard for stuff (coincidentally, they ask many young applicants to go to uni first). Maybe worth just having a look into it.
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Updated: April 4, 2016
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