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Funny April Fools Pranks watch


    yr9, someone put a "kick me" sign on my back...

    got a few kicks loooool, i acc still dont know who put it lmaoooo

    but after like 30 mins, some yr6 told me i had the sign on my back loooool

    and last yr, my cousins put cling film on the front of my door, idk wht i was doing, running down the corridors and then

    bang into the clingfilm loooool

    its funny how im always the one who gets pranked xD

    I made a fake report card (my school usually send them out at the end of March or early April) with me failing all my subjects. Either getting U's or the occasional E in one subject. At first my parents were shocked but I added in teachers comments just for that little spark which really pissed them off. I wrote comments such as "she shows up late to lessons, if it all" and "she constantly disrespects her peers and teachers" and to top it all off, I even added "she often says words which should not be in her vocabulary" for German. Let's just say their reaction wasn't the prettiest

    One April fools, my whole form decided to prank the teachers in every lesson we had.

    In drama, we had to sit in a big circle with chairs, so before the teacher arrived, we put the chairs in a circle and our shoes under them and then hid outside. Needless to say she was confused.

    In P.E we had a student teacher so pretended that we all forgot our P.E kits except one person (the person who usually forgets it) it was convincable since we had a two week timetable and a different lesson for that time the first week. She was really pissed off and called our usual teacher who sussed it straight away and played along :mmm:

    In German, we all stood up at like 11:11 mid lesson, and just stared at our teacher. We all got detentions haha

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