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Why is race the first thing South/East Asian men blame when they can't get any? Watch


    It's a confusion of cause and effect.
    I'm going to generalise here and I don't care who takes issue with it but South Asian men tend to have a really poor level of game where it is either non-existent or just plain ham fisted. It's a common trend so they assume that's the cause but it blatantly isn't.
    If you're confident and take pride in your appearance then you'll get pussy, period. This from my experience appears to be less of a problem in British-Iranians for some reason.

    Think about it, cultures which normalise basically forcing marriage, or just taking the entire primary interaction out of the equation is naturally going to render a large amount of people virtually incapable of communicating sexually. Leaving them either unable to talk to women at all, or just taking a nose-dive straight into the friend zone.

    It's true I'm one of those south asians who can often get away pretending to be black/mixed race if I dress/have haircut a certain way and when I look "black" I get attention from all kinds of girls including south asian but when I look asian I get attention from one or two south asians and that's about it.

    As much as I hate to say it, there is very much a dating hierarchy with whites generally at the top and south east asians men pretty much at the bottom [or near the bottom]

    your typical south Asian man will not do well with white girls. Yes you will always get some men of these races who can defy this and have no problem with getting girls of other races ...but these guys are rare and few and far between. Your typical south asain man is at a severe disadvantage if he wants to date interacially ...compared to his fellow white man wanting to date interacially,

    everybody likes to pretend that dating is equal opperunities and a "hot" guy or girl will do well despite his race, and that if you're not doing well it's not because of your race but because you must be average or ugly ...but the reality is very differant. There is a lot of "undercover" racism in dating. and a 7/10 asian guy will do a lot poorer than a 7/10 white guy,

    I have seen a lot of online dating experiments and also conducted a few myself. All women have it relatively easy. You can legit look like a sea creature from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean with 15 toes and still have an army of male models looking to take you out and wine and dine you so long as you are female. If you are male on the other hand .and not white you need to be basically in the top 20% of your race, to have any real hope of dating a girl on your looks level [or above] who is of another race via online dating. If you are an average looking ethnic then just forget about white girls altogether in online dating as you will STRUGGLE to even get a 3/10 to have a conversation with you let alone show up on a date. How we rate peoples attractiveness is skewed as well due to caucasion beauty standards. In reality a 7/10 asian man is not a 7/10 to the mass public. He's like a 5 to most whites in real terms.

    unfortunately in life, you get dealt a hand, and it's upto you to play it best you can. advice i would give to south asain man is to make sure hair/clothes/style is on point, and get to the :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:ing gym, you can't easily change your face ...but your body you can change, aim to be top 10% ......also try not to cold approach white girls, either wait for a signal or try other races as they will be easier. Im an ethnic [although not south asian] and having talked with other ethnics there is one thing we pretty much all unamously agree on ..which is Uk white women are amounst the most picky/self entitled women in the world, ..if you really must have a white girl go for european women as their standards are not as high.

    alternatively try social circle, as your odds there are better than cold approach. Still though it's no easy task....
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Updated: April 3, 2016
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