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He cheated on his ex girlfriend TWICE!!! ... Should I say something? watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Basically, someone I know has cheated on his ex girlfriend twice. He decided to break up with her after cheating the second time (which was with me). But now after months, they started talking again, liking each other's pics etc.... I don't know whether I shall tell her what this guy is really like... Not only I have been played, but now she is being played too... Thinking she could potentially get back with this guy.

    What shall I do?
    Sounds like pettiness and revenge plot to me, no offence.

    Why all of a sudden you want to tell the ex-girlfriend as he loses interest in you?

    If he did not show interest in ex-girlfriend, would you have reported him while he was messing with you?

    At the end of the day, it's up to you on whether you want to tell her or not.

    To each his/her own.

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    Lol what a bunch of cowards on this forum.

    He cheated on her twice

    She deserves to know before she has a child with him

    loyalty is really lacking nowadays smh

    i think you should tell her because once she finds out (which she will) she will know you were one of them, BUUUTTT if you do tell her she might be like beeennccchchhhhhhh and slap you for cheating with her bf, or she could slap her bf or both of you could go either way depends how feisty she is tbh.....

    or you could take it easy and be like uhhh since theres a possibility of you 2 getting together, i gotta tell you something and break it to her, although you dont need to mention names

    a lot of people have said ignore it dont be jealous, well you you dont tell her she will definitely find out one way or another and it will leave her with more guilt and heartbreak for getting with him again
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