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The rise of Trump is good for conservatives in the U.S. watch


    I think Trump is a lot less extreme than people consider him to be. He lives in central Manhattan (a very liberal place), has attended what would be perceived as liberal events such as same sex weddings and even Democratic fundraisers in the past. However, what he does have is a large ego and a skill at recognising what a lot of people want. He knows the only way to win the Republican nomination is to take it to the slight extreme to appease those in the South and those in the Tea Party. If he is nominated, which I believe now is a case of when he will be nominated, he will definitely soften his tone to win over independents.

    Whether people like it or not, Obama has been weak on key issues of foreign policy and harmony in the United States. I think what many Republicans want is a united America that works for itself and not for other nations and a president who will not sell themselves to the highest bidder. In consequence of big money politics, voters on the left and right have been turned off by insiders who seem to seek agendas for the interests of those who support them financially and have turned to outsiders whose only agenda is to give the people what they want. By voting Trump or equally by voting for Sanders voters aren't showing a lack of compassion or a lack of understanding in finance, they simply want a President who does what the people want, not what other nations, financial institutions or special interest groups want.

    In the future I think both the Republican Party and Democratic Party will see a rise of many more outsiders entering into party politics rather than insiders running for president. It is a bit like Leicester City FC, if Trump and Sanders can do so well with all odds against them, surely more moderate outsiders could maybe do even better.

    Being honest I don't see what other way the Rep party could go other than with Trump.
    A combination of the no. Liberal and centre left voters combined with the numbr of minority voters who are seen as lovers of big government and natural Democrats plus the simple demographic of a couple of generations means Donald Trump could well be the republicans last stand in their present format. Just as the Tories had to move to the left to stand a chance of regaining power they may have to.
    The media is all sown up.
    Obama came to power talking how the deficit went from $4trillion to $9 trillion under Bush in two terms and how he was going to solve it. The media lapped it up.
    Fast forward and its gone from$9 Trillion to $20 Trillion under Obama in two terms.
    Yet the media don't want to know.
    I think Trump is general Custer. He already has the hair, he just needs the moustache.😊
Do I go to The Streets tomorrow night?
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