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I don't have a plan B it's her or nothing.The pain of seeing them 2 walking together was unbearable if I am honest, seeing them live out my dreams together while I'm eft all alone.There's only 7 days of school before study leave but I can't face going in if I'm gonna have to see them together, should I tell my parents and ask them to let me stay at home ? I was looking forward to the last few weeks of school and seeing people doing lever video and leavers assembly ext because people at my school are really nice and I will miss all of them not just her but obviously it's her I will miss the most. What about leavers prom, I already paid for my ticket and stuff butt there's absolutely no way I can go if they're gonna be dancing and kissing eachother, is it ok if I ask one of then politely if they can not kiss or dance during prom because I really want to go and don't wanna let people down by not going but I literally cannot face seeing t together at it it would spu my memories of seven years at this school
From personal I experience I know this type of situation is very distressing. I had 6th form angst and didn't deal with it at all well. But looking back on it in the future although it might still be a painful memory it will be in a lot more perspective. And how you react to it and behave now is character building and will influence how you feel about yourself later. The reality is that dating is a 'best and worst moments' experience for most. I would recommend going in to school for the last few weeks and enjoying the friendships you mention. It's unlikely they will be flaunting the relationship there. As to the prom I see the issue. If there is someone you could go with then this could be a good distraction and help. If not you could give it a miss. Asking them not to dance or kiss is a bonkers idea. In my experience this type of event is highly over rated. Good luck.
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