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Can Boys & Girls Be Friends? watch



    I think for guys at least the very natural extension of a good friendship with a girl is the bedroom. And if you find her physically attractive too it's certain that unspeakable thoughts rear their head. And if there is a tangible rejection the friendship suffers. But friendship is more straightforward if you don't fancy the person physically or you are in a relationship. Isnt 'When Harry met Sally' the definitive wor on this topic though?

    (Original post by Goldy69)
    In my experience i tend to be friends with only girls im attracted to and so i usually catch feelings, usually only physically but sometimes mentally which sucks :/

    I don't see the point in being friends with a girl if I'm not attracted to her because I prefer male friends, at least you can share hobbies with them and I don't know, it's different.

    I definitely think so, yes.

    One of my best friends is male and I've never had even an inkling of romantic feelings for him. A romantic attraction has to exist still.

    I don't understand this logic because -- by the same logic -- wouldn't I, as someone who is pansexual, just not be able to be friends with anyone? :lol: Which isn't the case.

    When Harry Met Sally can answer this for you.

    They can, but as soon as one person develops feelings or even considers sexual thoughts about the other, it can become awkward and doom the friendship.
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    No they can't be realistic friends as girls are with girls and boys are with boys. People will say yes but its not true. Very rare cases that they do not develop feelings but most cases somehow they will or one side will. They will secretly and hide it. For me that is the end of friendship, yes you can say your still friends but not in reality. Girls thinm they know and that they can be just friends but nope sorry thats being too naive.

    One way you can still be friends is be like a casual one where you just meet at public like work place or school etc and just in limitation and only lets say friends for the sake of working together but not go out with eachother or hang out too much.

    So no.
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    Well, if you followed that logic:
    - gay people can't have friends of the same gender
    - as for bi people, can they even have any friends?

    Yup, pretty ridiculous!

    I've met males who quite clearly can't just be friends with females; but that's them. Not everyone is like that. Most of my friends are male and it's extremely rare for me to like them as anything more than a friend.

    Yes, definitely! Majority of my best friends are guys, plus I have a boyfriend too as well as having loads of friends that are guys. It shouldn't matter what their gender is, only if they make you happy -Tanisha.

    Overall, yes. However if either one fancies the other then it's a no. Depends on the people in question. Might sound harsh but i don't find my female friends attractive at all, bar one. If i did, whilst it would still be a friendship, the nature would change drastically.

    So I'd say, yes and no.
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