I'm comfortable at Hull but I've got an offer from Nottingham? Watch

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(Original post by tinyflame)
Hey man,

Thanks for the really detailed answer, I hear that Dunkirk is often overlooked as an area and that it's mainly between Beeston and Lenton?

How far is Lenton from the uni by the way?
Also with the campus being so big, wouldn't it feel empty most of the time?

I know I should have a look at the uni and the area soon, but what's your overall opinion on the situation?

I am really worried at the moment as I need to find out whether I am able to meet my offer as I get my results by 1st of July, but what worries me is that the student houses in Hull are going away and I don't know if I can keep my room for next year yet, it seems like I might have to make a rushed decision, but I will try to take it slow.

About whether to go to a higher ranked uni while already being comfortable with your current uni?
I guess so, I've known a few people who live there though.

Well, it depends where you find a place to live. Since you're doing engineering your lectures will be towards the QMC end of UP. Which is near Lenton. Even if you live near the Sainsburys Local in Lenton that's only 1.5miles. Maybe a little further than that, max, though likely less. Not too bad really but I will warn you Derby road is quite hilly.

Nah, not at all. Most academic buildings are grouped together in two quite close clumps with the portland building being the central hub.

As I said, I like Nottingham, I think it's great. SU's great, city,area, nightlife, people. If it were me I'd go for it. Ofc, everything will be more spread out than hull but you'd probably get used to it and you could get a bike. You will want to think about the course, academic side. It is a difficult choice. Clearly area, campus, people, city, nightlife are important. What it's like to live there. But so is the course; how it's taught, the modules, how it's assessed, the lecturers. It can be fairly standard but I've known some universities with very fractured assessment types("basic skills tests", courseworks, exams, group works, computer works, usually 3 of these and rather than a couple of courseworks per semester they were 4 or 5), and arguably fractured class types(surgeries, lectures, "tutorials", computer classes, another one which I can't remember). Might be suited to some but it seems quite hectic to me and I couldn't do a course like that. With the tutorials though they were about 30 people and I've known other universities have 4 or 5 people weekly tutorials during the first year.

Maybe try calling Nottingham and explaining your situation, see what they say.

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