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Victim blaming - Does it exist and what is it? watch


    (Original post by Bornblue)
    I don't think anyone would blame you or say you had it coming if you were robbed. Nor should they, if someone commits a crime agains you it's their fault entirely. Perhaps if you went out your way to goad people about being poor and purposely tried to infuriate them, you may to an extent 'have it coming'. But if you're innocently minding your own business, not trying to provoke you are not. You're just making stuff up as per.
    Haha yeah it's me who makes things up. On this we clearly disagree but I don't find it even remotely difficult to imagine a scenario where someone is blamed for taking action which negatively impacted their safety.

    (Original post by Bornblue)
    No surprise though that you've managed to turn the conversation towards blaming rape victims. If a woman or man is raped it's no ones fault but the man who raped him or her. However drunk or stumbling a woman or man is, that in no way, shape or form makes them blameworthy.
    Whenever people talk about victim blaming, rape is usually part of it because of how feminists make out as though as when someone is raped every man says 'what was she wearing?'. At what point did I say any rape victim is to blame? You're addressing points that were never made.

    (Original post by Bornblue)
    I wonder why you are like this. I wonder why you are so determined to diminish the experience of rape victims. My guess is you're a lonely, bitter MRA who reads Roosh in his spare time.

    You seem to have the biggest victim mentality out there. Man up.
    How am I trying to diminish the experience of rape victims? All I've implied here is that rape victims (or supposed victims) are treated very differently to supposed victims of other crimes. What on earth is Roosh? I'm lonely and bitter yet it seems like it's you who seeks out my posts in order to start an argument by making out as though I've said things I haven't.

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    I've been victim blamed before and it isn't nice. It can happen for many reasons. Victim blaming can happen with anything not only sexual assault.

    It's complicated depending on what the crime is and the level of responsibility. If someone leaves there door open then they might get a solid admonishment from the cops for that but they should still investigate as normal. If someone persistently leaves their door open then the police might become tired of investigating.

    For some crimes it is almost never acceptable except in extreme cases. There is a line and unfortunately in my experience cops often get it wrong especially for non-sexual assaults where it hasn't become a thing yet. Due to sensitivity people are saying it's never a right thing in rape cases. It's nearly always true but you can never say never and you'll not be seen as judge material if you work always in such absolutes. An obvious case might be if a woman climbed over a large fence and trespassed into a mental asylum. It has become very contentious for those grey area cases. Those with an agenda would like to work with absolutes but the fact is that some cases are neither here or there.

    The police are probably not always particularly competent, well equipped and are definitely completely overwhelmed in big cities. When anyone is allowed to come here and there are not enough police then the social contract falls leaves the people shorthanded. Too much police can also be bad as the silliest little crimes go punished but we are well away from that. The consequence of insufficient policing is greater personal responsibility even to a level that you would not think necessary in a first world civilized and supposedly orderly country.

    Another unfortunate side effect is that to compensate for the lack of funding police powers may be increased into the extreme severely attacking our civil liberties and empowering the government over us to a degree that will certainly lead to corruption and more harm than good.

    When it comes to the philosophical aspect of crime, there are very few cases where you can say someone encouragement was mitigates a crime. You are expected to control desire and temptation when seeing an opportunity or item of desire. If someone cannot do this to a reasonable and sufficient level, they lack the self control to exist in our society. Bleeding Human Rights today though means we often need to treat subhuman filth like royalty when you have pet animals that are better specimens of well behaved people.

    The cops are now obsessed with prevention so victim blaming is on the up and up. For example, hiding your valuables in the car, etc. You will be victim blamed for assault if you offend someone, in fact sentencing on assault is very light and you will be victim blamed for theft where it is considered that nearly all the responsibility is on you. Cops don't care much for theft. I assume the prison service and sentencing must be a complete failure these days.

    Years ago I saw a poster up by a notorious alleyway from the met' police warning that undercover agents work in the area. They are dumb as f..... I really hope someone else made those and put them up.

    What we really need today are more vigilantes to combat the lack of justice on our streets. My favourite superhero was always Judge Dredd.
    • Very Important Poster

    Very Important Poster
    I've been blamed a few times for other peoples behaviour. My only crime both times was being friends with them. Unless I'm missing something here and you can force someone to constantly contact you? I was told both times there's nothing wrong with their behaviour and just to get over it.

    Like your profile picture it's shades of gray. Until someone is willing to accept that things aren't always if yes no set and done then they aren't ready to be a normal member of society and fortunately most presidents and parliaments are just as down to earth and well rounded as everyone else. Some professions enjoy knowing what's yes and what's know all the time but only rape and murder etc are definite cases of wrong. I'be been duped into joining some clubs where they then just bully those lower down the pecking order and I think that's what happens when people get an ego. I have since left these associations after finding out they were like that to such a degree and I would recommend investing time on profitable ventures and not something that you will not get anything out of. After being away a few years I now get asked to join again and I am definitely not going back into those clubs as there will be no difference in the way things work now. But I don't see it being too much of a problem unless people can realise when it's time to let go.
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