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(Original post by Anonymous)
I just broke up with a guy a couple of days ago, and to my surprise, he accepted the break up. He had tried to convince me otherwise when I tried to previously.

The last time we were together he scared me a litttle. We had just had a romantic dinner & went for a walk afterwards. During this walk, we stopped to kiss several times. One of the times he began to kiss my neck & I don't like getting TOO pda in public so I asked him to wait til later

His response was to place one hand across my throat (in public remember) and when I said he would get lifted by the police in a minute, he laughed and stopped. About half an hour later...we were hugging and talking. As I began to walk away, he pretended to kick me & made a reference to violence. All done with a laugh and a smile.

This guy is extremely good looking, witty & a bit of an over-achiever. Very intelligent & has been very supportive of my career etc as well. However...since breaking up with him 2 days it has been radio silence and I wonder if he is really gone for good.

What do you think about this incident?
How do you know he was not joking?
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(Original post by Berke0)
She was the first girl. I didn't know better, thought I had to have her and that no one else could have her.

Obsession and love are very different things. I resented her the whole time but for some odd reason didn't wanna let go
Well...thanks for your honesty. At least you sound self-aware.

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