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I just lost a bit of respect for David Cameron watch

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    (Original post by Hachik0)
    Lol you can get a decent second hand car for £1000
    LOL no

    (Original post by Hachik0)
    Just because you have money, doesn't mean you need to spend it extravagantly, for the sake of spending! Plus the fact his Wife might not even care for cars and would prefer a cheap little run around.

    Love isn't defined through gifts and money, that's not a healthy relationship to me. Im sure they both know how much the other loves them and so don't need to show that through material needs.
    Do you not realise that buying someone a gift is an expression of love? There is no logical reason that a prime minister should buy his wife a nissan micra.

    i lost my respect of david cameron a long time ago but if i was given a micra i would just sell it and buy a classic bentley

    (Original post by Trapz99)
    You do realise that middle class is what most people are, right?

    You don't need to be privileged in this country to buy a decent car for around £7000-10000. Buying a car for £1000 is literally an insult, especially for someone like David Cameron. It's like buying a cheap £50 android phone as a present.
    I know you're just trolling but I thought I should point out that, if we assume middle-class means earning £30,000-£150,000, i.e. the higher rate tax bracket, which I think is reasonable, then only 25% of people are middle-class.

    For full disclosure the percentiles are as follows:
    £10,000: 18th
    £20,000: 55th
    £30,000: 76th
    £40,000: 87th
    £50,000: 92nd
    £60,000: 94th
    £70,000: 96th
    £80,000: 97th
    £90,000: 97th
    £150,000: 99th

    One quarter of UK income tax payers earn below the equivalent of minimum wage at 35 hours a week. The peak (unimodal) household income is some £15,000, the median some £23,000 and the mean some £29,000.

    Note that this is only for people subject to income tax, so anyone earning less than about £9,000, as the personal allowance was in 2013/14, is not counted., so these figures are conservative to your side of the argument. Not to mention the 20% of working-age people who are economically inactive, the 5% who are unemployed, and on top of those the 35 million non-working-age people. None of these are counted either.

    As for cars, my family are in the top 2% by wealth and around the 90th percentile by income; even I alone with a bog-standard provincial graduate job am at the 62nd percentile by income and top 60% by wealth. Neither I nor my parents would ever dream of wasting more than about £800 on a car unless a fleet policy at work forced us to. Fuel and insurance are expensive enough, even for an unflashy car like a Micra!

    (Oh, and we would expect at least a decade of service from our £800 "investment", so I hope Lady Astor is still driving her nippy city runabout come 2026, when her work as hard as the Chinese, alarm clock Britain striver of a husband is holding down several jobs on the boards of health insurance companies and City banks like the normal bloke he is.)

    If your trolling is to any degree sincere, then to say that you live in a bubble is an understatement. I live in a bubble too, as does everyone middle-class, but at least I can see out.
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