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    (Original post by _icecream)
    It's always middle aged women bosses why am I surprised they always seem to have a problem with me
    Yes my manager at Asda warehouse was a middle aged woman too. But when i worked in Poundland in 2014 the manager was male and looked about 30. He was a real piece of **** too but not as bad as the female Asda manager.
    At Poundland I had to work one month for free as work experience before i was given the job and they make you work til 11pm sometimes
    The job centre arranged it because i asked to do it because when i used to apply myself id get no replies back. But i realised how much i hated it. I saw my cousin whom i had not seen for years in there as a customer and he said i should get a better job than that. At first i was offended because i thought well at least im working then months later i realised he was right.
    I never thought id end up working in a pound shop because when i was just a customer i would tell myself id hate to work there. I hated it so much that i decided i dont want to work in retail anymore and to go back to Admin type jobs i used to do as retail pays crap wages. But I worked in BHS in Walthamstow in 2013 and that was such fun. We always had a laugh and the managers were really nice and chilled out. My manager was so laid back he would stand outside the shop smoking a spliff and asking staff to join him. But i dont smoke. One time they organised a fashion show inside the shop and the models were the employees, i was too shy to take part in modelling but it was such a laugh to watch people making a fool of themselves. I was asked to stand by the doors and hand out glasses of wine to customers and they let us drink the wine too. BHS always take peoples cvs at customer service and you dont need any experience but when i used to apply myself i never get replies back but i only got it through the job centre sending me on a work programme at Reed

    you aren't going to get very far with an attitude like that

    for a start, any job will always include 'and other tasks as required' so clearing a stockroom is perfectly reasonable to ask you to do, you do what is needed for the job and what is needed to keep your boss happy

    secondly, you broke an expensive lamp, you take whatever comes to you in terms of your manager's frustration and apologise, it's an accident of course but you have made a mistake and should try and rectify it

    lastly, you never pick a fight with your manager, big deal you felt they were being a bit condescending, I get snapped at by my manager, I've felt patronised... providing they're not screaming racist insults at you you need to learn to grow up and keep your mouth shut, they're the boss not you and you have to play the game...

    tbh I wouldn't be surprised if they fire you, like they said there are plenty of people waiting to take the job who will do it without all the fuss and difficulty, why should they put up with someone who is going to make a fuss over nothing and be aggressive?
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Updated: June 5, 2016
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