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How do I get close to god again, muslim? watch


    (Original post by Banana208)
    I should really be thanking you lot. Well I've included all of you in my duas.. Had to crack a smile when trying to think of all the usernames when I finished praying.
    :lol: that is actually funny. But seriously Jazak Allah Khair sis and I am very very happy to know that you are feeling better after asking. May Allah keep you like this and strengthen your imaan even further. Ameen. ISOC is always there for you sis in shaa Allah. :hugs::grouphugs:

    reading Qur'an is very little. you could find prayers and optional salats online and hopefully that will help you out. sometimes when i feel i really need Allah is that after i pray (usually alone with nobody around me) I talk as if it was a conversation not just please do thins the leave. like full on emotion. i was told that Allah loves the person who gets emotional even crying.

    Sometimes i read Sayed Sistanis rules on being a good muslims they are pretty interesting

    Try finding english translations of the quran. when i read it, because im arabic i understand some things so i translate it to understand it more

    you could also read on stories of the prophet or ahlul bayt (as) it's always nice to learn about the family of the prophet especially during muharram when it is most significant PM me if you need anything

    Like others have said just force yourself to be consistent. Allah may reward you more for fighting against complacency. Ultimately, your goal is to get as much thawab (jannah points!) as possible for heaven right? Well this is your chance. The more you struggle (against laziness etc.), The more reward you get. Satisfaction can come later.

    Ex muslim however you may want to:

    1. Try reading all your namaz again (assuming you dont at the moment), or try to read as many as possible. You may have work commitments etc so it may be hard to start reading all 5. Maybe start reading one a day and move your way up.
    2. Not sure if you know Arabic however you could start reading the Quran again, this would be convenient as Ramadan is approaching. You could also invest in an English translated version (if you dont know Arabic) and this will help explain everything. Will help you feel more connected with the Quran as most Muslims now a days can read arabic but have trouble understanding it.
    3. Read hadith and surahs. Maybe try learning a few which may help with everyday life.
    4. Go to talks, i'm sure there will be plenty of talks about Islam in your area. Go out hunting and see what you can find. Could be a good place to make friends too.
    5. If you have questions find someone more knowledgeable and ask them, they probably wont mind and will be happy to help.

    6. Most important - Try to remain positive and happy. This has nothing to do with religion however you stated "I find myself so upset abut this life and lost perspective what shall I do". Religion doesnt have to be your only purpose in life, just try to remain optimistic and most importantly, be happy.

    Hope this helped.

    Why don't you see how much better it feels to be free of religion that ties you down?

    Read the Bible.

    Pray more often and read the Qur'an and fast On youtube, listen to the Merciful Servant, it is a great account

    (Original post by Justfedup)
    I have really lost touch with islam. I find myself so upset abut this life and lost perspective what shall I do? I've tried reading quran and all but it won't help

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    Salaam I felt like you about a year ago.. I kept on seeing Muslim girls at my school one by one abandoning there hijabs and going clubbing ect and it was beginning to have an impact on me. I felt so confused but didn't want to turn to family ect out of fear of being judged. So, I turned to youtube and watched many people such as noman ali khan, I got the Hadith of the Day app and formed a diary of every hadith that I got and then wrote down its meaning (I analysed them, this only took me about 5 minutes a day and thus was easy). Then I made the decision too start getting up to read Fajr, this was the turning point for me as I felt a lot better afterwards (honestly can not put it into words). A few weeks ago I decided to start reading Tahajjud (Only on the weekends) and I have never felt closer to Allah (swt). I feel as if my prayers are being answered (most of them are based around school). Lastly, I have taken up charity work (campaigning for the Syrian Refugees).
    So, My advice: take it one step at a time, you are clearly willing to try and inshallah you will succeed. Try deciding on one small thing that you want to do everyday to bring you closer to Allah (swt) and see how it goes from there.
    I wish you all the best (and please do PM for any tips)

    (Original post by AperfectBalance)
    Why don't you see how much better it feels to be free of religion that ties you down?
    That's the thing though, for many true muslims islam doesn't tie us down (believe me I've thought it and questioned it enough times myself), instead it makes you a better person with greater judgement and view of life, you focus on the non-materialistic and superficial things that modern society are obsessed with and it can be really refreshing.
    I'm not sure why I''m trying to explain this to you.
    Every religion have their rules that you follow, its just whether you choose to follow them or not and how easy it is to follow it in the society you are surrounded by if ygm.
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