Year 0 - Foundation year at Carmel College

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    Hey I'm doing Engineering foundation, I was just wondering is anyone in a chat with other people doing a foundation year?

    Is anyone doing the Medicine Dentistry programme at Carmel this year ?

    Im doing computer science foundation at carmel. Has anyone bought their solo or trio travel pass yet? It says in the joining instructions that you need either to travel by bus to the college

    Hi! I'm also doing Biological Science foundation. I bought an Arriva student ticket to cover my commute. Thought it would be cheaper than buying from merseytravel

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    It seems like no ones asked this,
    but what kind of revision books do we need to buy?

    I can't find information anywhere.
    I'd really like a revision book for my Maths modules

    Last year all my revision books were from CGP

    You never get told what revision books to buy, you don't even get given any actual books. Its based on the A level syllabus so you'd have to go with standard A level text books. A safe bet would be the OCR exam board books because I did physics last year and used the OCR AS/A2 text book which covered all the topics that I studied. As for Maths, Edexcel books will be best but you can just use online websites sites just ExamSolutions and PhysicAndMathsTutor which are awesome.

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Updated: September 19, 2016
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