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    (Original post by ivybridge)
    I don't think your sources explain the relationship between the two factors well. It's simply your interpretation of the relationship - not fact that they link into one another.
    The first source is a study by an international comission of researchers, which does explain the relationship.

    But I don't really see what there is to interpret. Everywhere that drugs have been legalised, addiction has decreased, mortality rates decreased, crime decreased, and drug use stayed the same.

    Everywhere that brought in more prohibition, addiction has gone up, mortality rates up, crime up, and in some cases even drug use went up (don't have a source right now but see Ireland Psychoactive Substances Act - use of psychoactive substances went from 16% to 22%, highest in the EU by far, after the ban)

    I'm a bit of a stoner and really it doesn't matter to me if cannabis is legal or illegal. it makes almost no difference. the only difference will be that weed will be sold in shops and not by drug dealers.
    but the financial impact will be 0, or worse, via "legalisation" (legalisation in a statist context). at the moment, weed is more expensive than otherwise because the transaction costs are higher (e.g. avoiding police detection and a lack of competition) but if it becomes legal, the government will be SURE to slap a big fat sin tax on it, just like alcohol, meaning it'll be expensive just as it is now. they'll also claim it'll be to treat the health damage done by cannabis (even though cannabis does not damage you like alcohol or cigarettes do)

    the only pure and untainted arguments for weed legalisation is the same argument for the legalisation of all drugs: a) the drug war doesn't work for its envisioned purpose, and b) individuals should be autonomous and free to set their own destinies when they are harming (or directly affecting) nobody else. but nobody really seems to put a fine point on that fact. it's all about weed, not all drugs entirely, because this kind of thing seems to be trendy.
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