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Guys would you still give oral sex if the girl has hair on her vagina lips? watch

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    and what if a guy refuses to give oral?
    Then goodbye. I couldn't be with a guy that didn't give oral.

    Yes! I'm against telling people what to do with their body, and wouldn't like to let things like that get in the way!
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    I don't see why not?
    If the guy really wants to do it he will do it anyway.

    I think most of us guys enjoy going down so much nothing short of raw sewage on a girl's lips would put us off. Although tbh given the choice I prefer smooth...
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    Guy here,Hair don't bother me one bit. Love giving oral

    I like my men to like womanly parts which include a bit of hair down there. Trimmed for sure but naked as the day I was born? Nope

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm fine with waxing the top bit but when it comes to the lips (the outer skin around the vagina) it hurts like hell. shaving there hurts like hell too. I'm not sure how other girls do it but I think they shave.

    Would you mind if the girl has hair there? Would it prevent you from having sex or giving oral sex?

    Anon because I'm a wimp
    I would love a full bush.

    (Original post by Mark19)
    I think most of us guys enjoy going down so much nothing short of raw sewage on a girl's lips would put us off. Although tbh given the choice I prefer smooth...
    I am a old guy from a different era, however cunnilingus is a real turn on for a man as well as a women This and paying a lot attention on foreplay will have a great response. Do not get out of the bed when the sex is completed, hug, cuddle and talk for a while.
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    I'm a lesbian, and it wouldn't bother me nor deter me from giving oral sex in the slightest. However, that being said, you absolutely should be able to shave all parts of your downstairs if you want to do so, and for that reason I'm going to provide you with this shaving guide for downstairs. Make sure that you trim the hair first. Any hairs over 1cm should be trimmed before shaving. Also, to prevent those red bumps, I personally recommend you apply witch hazel (you can get it from the pharmacy) after shaving, it will sting like f*ck, but it will stop all irritation afterwards and leave you smooth and itch-free.

    1. Soak in a nice warm bath for 20 minutes or so. This softens the coarse hair and opens the follicles.

    2. Use a light scrub over the area you want to shave - mix some white or brown sugar with a tiny bit of olive oil, honey, and lemon juice together into a grainy paste. LIGHTLY scrub in circular motions, then rinse. This is to exfoliate prior to shaving.

    3. Use a tiny dab of conditioner in place of shaving cream over the area you want to shave.

    4. Use a men's razor with 4-5 blades. The more blades, the closer the shave.

    5. Lightly pull the top of your pubic mound up towards your stomach to stretch the skin out. Shave down towards your labia, with the grain first. (Don't press the razor into your skin, you just need to lightly drag it across the skin to pick up the hair. Make sure you rinse the blades out after every stroke so they don't get clogged with conditioner and hair.

    6. Lightly tug the skin of your pubic mound taut towards your belly again, and shave across the grain, to the right.

    7. Repeat step 6 but to the left.

    8. For the areas around the labia, I usually just pull the skin taut and shave once down with the grain, and once up against it.

    9. Once you rinse everything off, lightly pat dry your bikini area. Do not rub a towel against it or you will get super irritated.

    10. Take a stick deodorant and swipe it down once or twice over your pubic mound to prevent ingrown hairs and irritation. Sometimes I use baby powder if I don't feel like using deodorant.
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