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    Strengths - I'd like to think I am friendly and approachable most of the time and people feel they can get along with me

    Weaknesses - I worry and obsess over things that don't even need attention, let alone stressing over and it makes me physically and mentally ill

    (Original post by milikahyounas)
    OMG, I literally cannot give up chocolate and junk food,it is literally my drug lol. I can limit myself though like when im revising, doing tests, at dentist etc..
    Ah guys I'm okay with junk food! Because I get so paranoid that I'm going to get spots 😂 So I don't eat much of it

    strengths: im not arrogant
    weaknesses: im awkward in the least endearing way there is, im constantly anxious, i cannot start friendships, i cannot maintain friendships, i am incredibly (unintentionally) insensitive, i am very emotionally weak and i cry at everything, i am untrusting of everyone, i am unapproachable, i am easily exhausted, i say very inappropriate things without meaning to, i dont understand emotions, i cant make eye contact, i am rather pessimistic, i cannot start conversations, i cannot maintain conversations, i feel very uncomfortable during 1:1 conversations, i am very clingy, i am not at all independent and i literally cannot function alone, i am overly pedantic, i am really bitter, i am easily hurt, i am brutally honest (unintentionally) to the point where it really hurts people, i am generally really miserable which makes it hard for people to be around me, i have not a lot of self preservation, i am really stubborn, i am very conventionally unattractive, i am generally unskilled, i am impatient, i am selfish, i am way too overly nosey, i am overly critical, i cannot ever be alone, i am either very over-emotional or not emotional at all, i either speak too much or not enough, i do not know how to day no and i cannot say no unless its something that goes against my core morals in which case i am an absolute ******* who has no limits to my rudeness and defensiveness, i cannot make decisions for myself, i stress and panic over everything, i overthink everything, and i care about what people think too much.
    i also dont know when to stop. = ◑ ‸ ◑ =
    (i Could continue but i really need to try nd head off to sleep)

    strengths: I can see through people like what they truly are and what they like
    weakness: I can't see that for myself and it f***s me up
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