Medicine in Plovdiv Bulgaria or Masaryk Uni Czech Republic?

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    This is what I have found from another post about masaryk ( highlight=&p=42790902#post427909 02)"Hey guys.
    Just came across this thread now and read a few responses. Im a British student, from London, whos in third year dentistry at UMF Iasi in Romania. Actually I did a foundation pre-med year at Bradford uni and then I went to do dentistry Czech Republic because I changed my mind. After one year in Czech I transferred to Romania. Reading some of the messages here reminds me of my old self, because I was just as excited lol.

    Coming from UK esp, where the pass mark is just 40%, it was a bit of a shock to find that in Czech its 70% (80 for a few subjects!). The place I was in was also really bad - only 100,000 people. It was more like a village. There was nothing to do. But what go all of us the most was the studying. Apart from the pass mark, the doctors also expect you to know *everything* and fail you after 1 or 2 incorrect answers (im not exaggerating). And thats not it - Theres unanimous consensus that Brno is much harder because there you have to pass the written exams before the semester ends and can only do Oral exams (finals) in the extra examination period. Whereas in HK we could delay both until the extram examination period.

    I know what you are thinking - you will work hard - but trust me its not enough. In UK (and Romania) If you study you WILL pass. But in Czech and Hungary and the like, If you study you MIGHT pass. I read a lot of negative things about 3 countries in particular - Czech, Hungary and Poland. I thought Id be able to hack it but there its just normal for you to fail. I just wanted to warn all of you and sincerely ask you to think about coming to Romania or Bulgaria (or Spain if you can afford 20k per year to study at Valencia)

    Romania is much better. Its easier to pass (pass mark is like UK - 50% and examinations are in similar style to UK eg MCQ and practical exams mostly). Its also cheaper to live and enjoy yourself as theres lots to do. In Hungary and Poland the tuition fee is double that of Romania and Bulgaria and in Czech its triple. Add the stress of having to get 70 or 80% to pass and its just not worth it.

    Anyway Ill stop going on about Romania to you guys. Thats not what I came here to do. I only intended to warn you about what you are getting yourself into. Im really happy here in Romania and Im convinced that this is a better place than the aforementioned countries. I just hope you guys can read this with an open mind and make the best decision for yourselves.

    Whatever you decide on, I wish you all the best of luck!"

    (Original post by Al1786)
    What concerns me most about Masaryk university are the reviews from current/previous students who say that the course is really intense and difficult than it should be. I'm not expecting medicine to be an easy subject and am prepared to work hard to fulfil my dream but a pass mark of 70% or even 80% can be quite hard to achieve. Even in the UK, pass mark is not this high.
    Masaryk has one of the highest graduate employment rates. Apparently a hospital in liverpool directly employs masaryk graduates. People must get through and would you want to be considered a lesser doctor because you chose a much less regarded university.

    Your degree does matter, especially for your first job.

    Hey there, I'm starting my third year at Masaryk University this September and was in the same position as you... I chose to come here because I'm from London and to be honest, the hussle is nice, but being here is amazing - its refreshing and its calmer. The teaching quality is excellent and the research is unparalleled. No cons for me - I have visited Prague a few times and I feel like its very distracting esp for a student who is doing one of the hardest degrees possible. And plovdiv isnt as recognised. I have spoken to several doctors (from fy1s to consultants) in the UK along with my fellow medical students at UK medical schools and they have heard of Charles medical school and many have even heard of Masaryk. The course is amazing, the town is amazing, the food, travel and housing is cheaper than the UK and it has full GMC recognition - what more do you need?Let me know if you have any more qs about masaryk or any czech unis

    I have a couple of friends studying at Masaryk's University. If you are curious about medicine in particular, I can tell you that it is very demanding. Expect a lot of reading and additional work as a preparation. In addition to this, you are usually expected to sit written tests on weekly basis, other form is oral examination which is also very common! All of these usually count towards the final mark. However, the quality of the education is very good.. And the city is beautiful!
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