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How do girls let guys know their hurt? Watch

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    (Original post by trc96)
    By telling them. With words. No need for drama. Maybe a civilised conversation to work through the problem if you're feeling extra mature with common sense.
    why do that when you can ruin their life by accusing of fake rape allegations? Since you are a woman you are bound to be taken seriously and they deal with it guilty until proven innocent.

    One of my friends from my gender studies classes says she did they same to her boyfriend to spite him and his mother committed suicide because she thought he actually raped some one XD

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Why wouldnt you add drama what if you did drama at gcse then your learning has gone to waist hasnt it and what do you mean by civilised do you mean that they usually talk like cavemen that they need to change up their styles just for this or do you mean other people usually talk like cavemen when they are arguing also why should they be civilised in the first place for example if my ex is had sex in my garden with some other dudes why would I be civilised.
    What? I just mean like being honest and working out the problem like an adult, instead of some of the really stupid stuff I've seen written on here (yes I'm aware that some of the posts were joking/sarcasm) like cheating etc. Can't tell if you're serious or not but if you are then chill out, I wasn't implying anything like what you said. :lol:

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Why would you storm out of the room are you a runner or are you a fighter because if you are runner you are not facing confrontation why is really what you need in situations like that but it really depends on the type of madness that you have I mean if you just cant bear to talk to them anymore then you can storm out but why would you storm out like that with girls are you a lesbian or what if so then you must be manly which means you dont need to storm out the storm will come to you
    No I'm not, why would you think that that is a really big assumption? I just don't know any boys as I go to an all girls school so i have never been in a situation where I feel hurt with a boy. I don't like having arguments with people, I don't really 'storm' but whenever I get upset I just make an excuse like I need to go to the bathroom and then go back and talk to them politely after I have calmed down. I just don't like confrontations and I think people tend to do stupid things in the heat of the moment when they are emotional so I'd like to avoid things like that..
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Updated: June 18, 2016
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