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    21 here. I've always preferred to socialize with older people. Anyone staying in Nightingale? This is my year abroad and I don't know anyone yet but the hall seems full of freshers.

    Hey I'm 22 studying vet med as a graduate hoping there are some others around...

    There is a pub crawl on November 4th for mature students

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    Hey I am in my 2nd year at Nottingham and just turned 23 myself so i'm also technically a mature student.

    Are you going into halls or living in a house or own accomodation etc?

    I was in halls and honestly it's not a hugely noticeable age gap. I could cook better than my flatmates and had general life experience like knowing how to use a washing machine.. But really we were still pretty similar. I doubt they would even realise if you didn't tell them your age (people are often surprised when I tell them mine)

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Updated: October 11, 2016
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