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    (Original post by KLL)
    Lifestyle's fairly ghastly. Basically throwig away the best years of your life just to be forced into an early midlife crisis when you hit 30 and realize you haven't had a proper holdiay since uni.
    Though, if you don't mind (plenty of people don't mind postponing starting a family to their 40s), that's fine. Other's don't wanna deal with that **** and bail early.
    Is not starting a family really necessary?

    Hoping to go into IB after my Masters. I don't mind 80+ hour weeks I usually have nothing better to do and would rather grind while i'm young.

    I've made stuff like BSM opt pricing functions etc. just for fun (not sure how relevant this is to the actual job but i pretty much dont mind using excel/VBA, analysing balance sheets and writing reports for 12+ hours a day).

    But i was hoping to get married pretty much 1 year into my career. If i've already found the girl, would the lifestyle stop me from having a wife at home? Or were you referring to kids/dating?
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Updated: July 4, 2016
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