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I'm voting to leave as two fingers up to the French Watch


    Something tells me floury would never have voted Remain in the first place, is this is the sum total of their reasoning.
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    Britain can easily go it alone. We are one of the strongest economies in the world with one of the most stable democracies.

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    You're why democracy is bad.


    Well aren't you a rebel

    Im embarassed to be British.
    I like the French a lot! Id much rather be French than British!
    Im Canadian (in my mind) but this is just embarassing and disgusting!

    (Original post by floury)
    I always thought I would vote to remain in view of the uncertainty surrounding a leave vote. I then however took heed of the 'consequences' with which France has threatened us, and I thought '**** YOU!!! I'm British (from one of the best countries on the planet and won't be towed into submission by threats. Go and eat your ****ing frogs, horses and foie gras and stop telling us what to do'.

    And as for Angela Merkel, she can mind her own business n'all. It's also because of her opening the floodgates that I want to leave.

    So yes, tomorrow I'll be ticking leave as 2 fingers up to the French. Tbh, the only people who are scared are the unskilled EU migrants who realise they'll now need to prove their actual worth to Britain.

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    Hey - I'm half British, half French. I'll be voting in tomorrow's referendum, because as a British citizen, I care about this country.

    The reason why Britain would be threatened with consequences for leaving is simple - to leave is to put the rest of the European Union at threat (as there are Eurosceptic parties throughout Europe), so of course no one in the EU who wants to see the union is going to be happy about Britain leaving. There's no way they'll allow it to be 'better off' once it's left than when it was in, otherwise that allows a precedent to be set. (I mean, seriously, you can't expect them to be nice to us once we leave, can you?!)

    Please don't generalise all French people. Just because some politians have expressed concern and been realistic with what the consequences of Brexit might be, does not mean that both countries can't get along.

    Now, before you carry on, please look at the English language. Let's take your first sentence. "I always thought I would vote to remain in view of the uncertainty surrounding a leave vote."

    You've criticised both France and Germany - well, Germany's chancellor, elected by the German people - in your post.

    ... So. All the vocab in bold is French in origin, or at the very least latin + norman, and those seem to be your key words... Then the ones in italics are of germanic origin.The English language is genuinely France and Germany's lovechild. And that's really not a bad thing.

    "I" = proto-germanic root, this is a word of norse or saxon origin.
    "always" = originally ealne weg, this again has a saxon root.
    "thought" = again, proto-germanic root, a word with a norse or saxon origin.
    "would" = actually from 'will', which has again a proto-germanic root.
    "vote" = this has a latin root, the word either arrived in Britain when the Romans came over, or when the Normans (let's highlight the fact Normandy is in France) arrived in 1066...
    "to" = is again of Germanic origin, it used to be 'zu'
    "remain" = stressed stem of 'remanoir', which is Old French, so this is a Norman vestige
    "in" = again, that's Germanic
    "view" = from the Old French 'veue', so another Norman relic
    "of" = proto-Germanic, so like the other proto-germanic words here, it could be either Norse or Saxon in origin.
    "the" = ... also proto-germanic (can you sense the trend?)
    "uncertain" = that's ... also from Old French and has a couple of latin roots.
    "surrounding" = from the Middle French soronder
    "a"= THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY BE FULLY ENGLISH - REJOICE! Ah, the joys of an indefinite particle.
    "leave" = proto-germanic 'laibijan' (which becomes 'bleiben' in modern german)

    All in all - Britain is basically the product of successive invasions from core EU nations... And it's done ridiculously well out of it. So well, that I'm rather confused as to why Britain's not leapt at the opportunity of leading the EU, since our country seems to have displayed rather strong megalomaniac tendencies before (see the British Empire).

    Britain is no longer an empire, but through being an empire it has pissed off a lot of people over the past 200 years, it is now at risk of pissing off even more people through leaving the EU. It is not willing to provide cheap labour, has few resources and is in general very high maintenance as countries go (see your 'we are one of the best countries in the world' bit - I agree, unfortunately, the rest of the world ... doesn't really).
    Leave have got no plan beyond throwing around half-truths, saying they want to stop EU migration and claiming they'll get back a semblance of sovereignty. Oh, and claiming we'll miraculously get more trade deals, when every single head of state we would want to trade with - namely the US, India and Japan - has made it abundantly clear that this will not be the case. So unless Trump gets voted in, Britain's 'leave' future looks pretty bleak.

    I understand that France can be irritating (sorry if my reply has somehow confirmed that for you :/) - trust me, I know, my mother's side of the family is a nightmare to live with - BUT 'leaving' the EU is not the way to stick two fingers up at France. They'll shrug, then do as much as possible to cripple Britain so as to avoid a rise from Eurosceptic (and very racist parties) such as the Front National and stop those parties from posing a threat to French democracy as we know it.

    If you really want to 'stick two fingers up at France' stay in the EU and make sure we/Britain becomes more of a leading power in it (yes, that does mean gritting your teeth and cooperating for a few years) OR buy yourself one of those godawful croissant-salad sandwiches and eat it in front of any sane French person.

    But for the love of all that is vaguely holy and sacred in this world DO NOT jeopardise Britain's future just because French politicians have pissed you off. They piss off everyone. You're not alone.

    Have a lovely day!
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