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Are young people spoiled and lack respect? watch


    (Original post by Blue_Mason)
    I am 21 years old, and yes I agree.
    So many young people want to be known, want to be famous for doing barely anything.
    We have so many lazy and talent less young people, who would score average in every department but yet they think the world is waiting for them.
    I am not entitled, and I can take in opinion and I have empathy.
    Young people are coddled and excused, oh he or she is young, they no know better, in this current climate you cannot afford to not know better unless, you mummy and daddy are wealthy.
    *cough* Kim K *cough*

    i agree so much, i've noticed this quite a lot in my boarding school, the years above me (upper 6th) are so mature and understand stuff and realise they must work hard etc but the years below me all seem pretty bad, each year below me gets progressively worse and worse, you can tell the decline by the kinds of people in their years.

    This i hate the most, i think parents are way too weak on the younger generations because they're outspoken knobs. all the can do is insult you and have the iq of a peanut.
    I remember 1 time that some kid was on this swing and i was walking back up to the boarding house and me and my buddies looked at this kid and this kid just said what the **** are you looking at? and i was stunned for a second and i was like what? The kid's only like 8 years old and he knows words like that. In any case we ignored him and just carried on and i thought to myself what's this new generation coming to


    read it

    Why would I have respect intrinsically because they are old? :/

    I'd rather have respect for individuals because of the things they have done.

    Also lol people who had free universities but sat back and did nothing when tuition fees were introduced and then tripled.

    (Original post by Sicudeh)
    Doubt it. There's a lot of jobs going and nothing annoys me more than young people saying there aren't any jobs for them. I don't have anything above average passes in my GCSEs and got the first job I applied for after school.

    More like there aren't any jobs they can be bothered to do.

    Yes a lot of people nowadays are entitled and lazy. Some are just lazy and not entitled, aka half of the druggies/scumbags you see harassing you on the streets.
    There is a difference between going to a temp agency and getting a job at £8.08 an hour working with no prospect of progression. That's easy, I know that because I did it last week.

    What is somewhere between hard and impossible now is to leave university with a degree and find a graduate job which pays enough for you to live independently and for that graduate job to turn into a job for life with a company so that you can expect to have a mortgage by your late-20s and support a family with only one parent working. Even if, by some miracle, you did manage to find that job you'd not be able to have a final salary pension, your retirement age would now be 70+ and you'd be paying the same proportion (if not more) of your income in taxes and NI payments to access a welfare state which has been pared back to the bone.

    Asking for that makes a young person sound entitled and arrogant but that was a genuine possibility in the 1970s and early 1980s for graduates and it's those advantages that my grandparents (and to a lesser extent my parents) were able to benefit from.

    Now those who had a free university education are looking at earnest, well-meaning 20-somethings leaving university with £30,000+ in debt and no prospect of the job security they benefited from and they're calling them lazy and entitled because they are upset about it. It doesn't exactly inspire respect for the older generations. Especially not when they're the ones who have contributed to this crisis in the first place.
    • Community Assistant

    Community Assistant
    (Original post by fefssdf)
    I get £80 pocket money a month and I'm 18 and I don't get told to do any housework or anything lol so I'm pretty spoilt
    You still get pocket money at 18?

    I don't have to respect someone more because they are older than me. Especially since a lot of the older generation wouldn't respect me.

    If you want to be respected, you need to act respectful, and even then there's no guarantee.

    Respect doesn't and shouldn't come as a result of age. position, wealth or family relation. If you want to be respected, you need to act properly and not demand respect - but actually earn it. Those who demand respect are not worth respecting.

    I think parenting has evolved somewhat too, before it used to be 'you can do anything you wanted to if you really work at it, put all your effort into it and your mind into it', now its ' oh my darling child you are SO talented you are going to get to do whatever you want to do because you're that good'

    they grow up thinking they are intrinsically more special than others
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