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Should I have failed?!? watch

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    (Original post by mphysical)
    You should have gunned it in second as soon as you began straightening out of the corner.

    Never put your foot down half way up a hill, it puts load on the engine.
    if you really need to drop a gear do it very quickly and try to keep the revs up, almost like double de-clutching.

    Get you instructor to take you back there to practice.

    And it is 'would/should have' not "would/should of".

    I didn't know it was a hill around the corner as the view was completely restricted by bushes and trees so was unprepared for the gunning it tactic ha!

    (Original post by Captivated)
    The negativity radiating off of you is extreme. OP clearly isn't asking you to be on their side, they want an OPINION. By sarcastically agreeing with them instead of forming your own rational viewpoint is unintelligent. You could have disagreed with OP if that's what you feel - but you end up acting unnecessarily unhelpful.
    I suggest you go back and read the whole thread then you'll understand the reason for my obviously tongue-in-cheek post.

    (Original post by Cherrrose)
    I've never needed to drop to first either before. What should I of done ? If I carried on in second I think I would of eventually started rolling abckwards😝

    The hill was so so steep and I didn't have much speed behind me due to the corner
    Accelerate (if safe i.e. no obstructions) before the incline, if the corner prevents that then you have to get a move on as soon as you've got round it and do you gear changes quicker - that means rev it high in first as soon as you get around the corner, it will be making a lot of noise and you will know when it wants to be in 2 second so you change as soon as you get to that point and again you get you foot down and keep it there until you're hitting at least 29mph (assuming you're not in 20 zone). If it only just reaches 20-29 in 2nd with your foot to the floor then I'd kept it in 2nd or else you'll totally lose power in 3rd.

    To be honest - you have to use your own judgement (with a lot of driving issues) and you only start to get to that point with experience. Even now I'm still learning and I qualified years ago. If you'd never been on that hill before and you're a learner then it's understandable - ask your instructor to take you on test routes.

    (Original post by Cherrrose)
    So yesterday I took my second driving test. I drove so well (usually I am very self critical) parked up at the end was so sure I passed.."unfortunately you have failed"
    The reason for my "serious" fault was I drove round a corner in second which then went straight up a steep hill, gear number two wasn't quite cutting it and was slowing so I dropped to one... That's why I failed... Because the car behind was slowed when in my eyes their on the same hill and I didn't invent physics! Was this harsh or am I just bitter?!
    You were in the wrong gear for the situation and then you failed to react to the problem that was caused by your mistake quickly enough and as a result you made another motorist take action to avoid a collision with your vehicle.

    If you had judged the situation correctly then you would have either taken the bend in first gear or been ready to change down from second to first the moment you had finished taking the bend. Either course of action would have resulted in you maintaining your speed and not causing another motorist to have to take action to avoid a collision.

    You failed because you screwed up, plain and simple.

    You affected the driving of the car behind you. That is a a serious fault. You failed. Suck it up
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