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    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    Does the same apply to people that are fed up with the UK being infested with people they dislike and politicians that are obsessed with political correctness?

    Should they **** off and stop moaning and move to somewhere that isn't a vegetarian gay marriage religion of peace loving climate change obsessed safe space?
    That's a fair point, the difference being there was no vote to allow all these people in to begin with, it was just done without the consent of the people, without the electorate having a say, and clearly as the latest vote shows, they wouldn't have voted for it.

    So the two aren't really comparable, one is complaining that the people didn't get a say, the other is complaining about the democratic process not giving them the result they want.

    Why the hell then did all of the large multinational corporations vehemently support remaining in the corrupt, lobbyist, crooked EU. Brussels is nothing more than a stooge for lobbies. Our government is to blame for many of our problems, but the EU should also be held accountable. If the EU protects workers rights, then why is there so much industrial unrest in France. Fisheries up and down the country have been devastated, many farmers have been getting the raw deal at the expense of French ones, who always boycott British goods. The EU is a neo-liberal, undemocratic, crooked, out-dated, divisive project that has attempted to submit the European populations into a supernational state. To be anti-European is not the same as being Anti-EU. I myself love Europe, but despise the EU, and the EU is most aspects, un-beneficial to the interests of working people in this country. Being in the EU, woul have meant we will be hopelessly tied to the disgusting TTIP agreement pushed by the globalist, anti-American, anti-British Obama. The TTIP agreement is horrifying in itself.
    There I said it
    Oh and Remainers are more likely to regret their vote than Brexiteers.
    I voted for Brexit as a bit of a socialist and have literally no regrets
    As I said, a lot of problems in this country are thanks to our own government, but the EU still needs a great big kick of the backside.....
    I can't understand why lefties support remaining in such an organisation.
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