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I absolutely hate my job but I've got no motivation to look for another... watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I would really like to work in a warehouse because you get minimal contact with customers and as someone who has anxiety I find that I work best when left alone in a warehouse maybe picking items and packing them. However, every warehouse jobs that are advertised go through agencies and I have sent live 100s of CVs to them but they just get ignored. Agencies in my opnion are so bad they don't bother to reply to application forms.
    My friend who got the job emptying envelopes wants to work in a warehouse, that's her ideal job because she says women are always *****y to her but men make her laugh and treat her better but she can't get a warehouse job because they don't reply back but it would be easy to get them through an agency on the street but she did not try lots of different ones only one crap one so i had to look online for different ones in her area or her or she would never have bothered to.
    If that's what you want to do sign up with different agencies on the street and don't give up on agencies if they can't get you a job just try different ones as they do succeed in getting people jobs it just depends if your lucky enough to find a good one
    Let them search for you as i applied for lots of different jobs including warehouse online over the years and didn't get any interviews just emails saying they received my cv or application form so going into an agency on the high street is your best way of getting a job you actually want to do
    I would have enjoyed the warehouse picker job at Asda if the manager was'nt such a bully because all the work colleagues were fun and sometimes we did have a good laugh but the manager spoiled it and made it depressing for most people but when i applied for the job i told my friend to do the same but she did not bother.
    She might have been good at it but she did not even try. People who were fast pickers never got bullied by the manager though.

    In the job centre i saw an advert for warehouse pickers for Tesco but you have to apply online. I was going to do it because it will fit in with my college course so i can do both because they have a shift that starts at 3 30am to 7 15am or
    1 30pm to 5 15pm
    I used to work at Asda at 5am to 12pm in the afternoon
    I do not know what area you live but ill give you the website to apply to
    (and it's not a spam website, lol ) but apply for it as it could be any area in Tesco if it's not just ring up all the supermarkets to ask for picker/packer jobs but remember to always sign up with agencies on the high street to get you warehouse picker or any other jobs because online agencies do not always contact people for interviews but at least with agencies on the high street you can talk to people face to face and ask questions and tell them exactly what job you want and they will find it for you

    This is the Tesco warehouse jobs for Personal Shopper which is a picker/packer job which i think is in the warehouse:
    or Tesco.comvacancies

    Another unemployed person i met told me to type www.ziprecruitment

    Or i saw this advert too, type www.Gooneyshop.com
    Send your cv to this: [email protected]
    Or ring the owner/manager 07917340334
    His name is Guney.

    After one week when you send your cv you must ring him because he forgets to contact people and if he has no work in your area you just keep ringing him once a week or once a month. You have to be persistent with him as he is very forgetful so when he tells people he will ring back he does not always do this and it puts people off because i told another friend about it. But the friend who got the envelope job was too lazy to apply and would prefer to empty envelopes than apply for any job i tell her about

    gooney shop is a job as a personal shopper but it's not in a warehouse. You can work in your own area no experience needed and you choose your own hours so you can just collect people's shopping for them. You do not need a car but you should buy a trolley to carry everything so even if you have a job you can still make extra money if you work for gooney shop. It's an online shopper job but you take people's orders to their homes.
    You can ring for a proper explanation and to ask if it is in your area as they want lots of people in different areas

    it's only luck if you get a job where managers and colleagues are not bullies so it's always best if anyone has these bad experiences is to apply for same roles but with different companies or in different area. If you can't get a new job ask to be transferred to a different area as they allowed some people to do this at Asda but only for admin roles there. If not apply to different companies and go to lots of different agencies on the high street
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    (Original post by EnterNamehereplz)
    If people are trying to bring you down it is because you are above them
    I'm certainly not above them in within the organisational ranks. Perhaps you mean in terms of their own feelings of self-worth?

    (Original post by royal1990)
    I'm certainly not above them in within the organisational ranks. Perhaps you mean in terms of their own feelings of self-worth?
    well yes...

    You aren't alone dear, im suffring from same situation, everyday i say tomorrow will be better than today but i find myself in same place.
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