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    (Original post by unprinted)
    And that's because..?

    You could say that about any m/f couple having sex. Here, you've no indication that they're not using condoms, or that he's had any unprotected sex in the past, or that they're doing anything that puts her at any risk.

    Always a good idea.
    I explained the first two points already.

    Cannot trust him because he entered into a sexual relationship without proclaiming he'd been sleeping with men.

    You're being disingenuous with your second point. Anal sex carries more risks as STIs can be transmitted regardless of condom usage. This is indeed true of m/f having anal sex too.

    STI checks are always a good idea before you become intimate with a new partner, definitely agree there.

    Anyway we've debated pretty much both viewpoints here. Even though we don't agree, I do respect your opinion.

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    (previous post crossed with yours)

    (Original post by kENDON)
    I truly despair if you see no problem with a man having sex with men then not telling his next relationship (girlfriend) he's been having intimate relationships that may put her at risk.

    I assume honesty isn't one of your strong points.
    Meow. Everyone I've been in a relationship with has known before any clothes come off that I'm bisexual. Not everyone feels able to do that, and your attitude is a reason why.

    Every intimate relationship has risks, so do you expect people to name every previous partner?

    Understandable you're defensive and attacking me, given you're a bisexual male yourself.

    As for me, I'm comfortable in my own shoes, and certainly not misinformed.
    I'm not defensive, I'm outraged at the prejudice. We have zero evidence that he has any infection or has even never been tested.

    Instead, you assumed he'd had "promiscuous" - still no definition of that - unprotected anal sex, despite the fact that the most common sex act between men is oral and about a third of gay/bi men don't have any anal sex in any particular year. We have zero evidence he's ever had anal sex, either way.

    There is a lot of judgement going on in this thread and it's quite worrying.
    Firstly, the fact that he has opened up to you about him being bisexual probably means that he does trust you and wants to be open with you. That's a good thing.
    Secondly, for all of those saying that you should dump him because you can't trust him and he probably has STI's because he's had sex with other men, please be quiet. You're firstly assuming that he has had unprotected or risky sex which you simply do not know. Anal sex can be safe if both participants are clean and use protection. As for the trust part, you wouldn't be saying this if he had only slept with women in his past. He has opened up now which probably indicates that he is feeling secure enough in the relationship to tell you this.
    If for any reason you're worrying that he's likely to cheat because he is bisexual, don't be. Just because he is attracted to both men and women doesn't mean that he would risk the relationship to sleep with a man.
    If you cannot accept his sexuality then it would be best to end it with him because he shouldn't be with someone who cannot accept his bisexuality. But I implore you to try and understand it. Don't be afraid to ask him questions.

    (Original post by kENDON)
    Get a STI test immediately. Promiscuous anal sex carries inherent risks a condon won't protect against.

    Dump him for not being honest and telling you sooner, and risking your health.
    What a bigoted comment. Having sex with men does not imply anal sex

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    My boyfriend has just told me that he is BI and before dating me had sex with other men. I dont think I can go out with him no more. I dont understand how he can have sex with both girls and men. What should I do.
    Why does it matter? Does he care you might have had 50 cocks in your axe wound or arse & mouth? No....

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