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    (Original post by Eradicate)
    People are in denial the far-right fascists were right all along and you just can't bring yourselves to admit it

    Why do we have to put up with this? we could live happily without fear and not have our population mixed into nothing..

    Even Anders Breivik, his attack would simply not have happened if it were not for this destructive ideology imposed on our people by the establishment
    This. We far right 'fascists' have been warning of the rise of a group like ISIS and the dramatic surge in Islamic terrorism ever since our governments first started importing them all. We were brushed off as racists, xenophobes and islamophobes, but guess who got proven to be 100% spot on with their predictions.

    No, not all Muslims are terrorists. I'm talking about the lack of criminal background and extremism checks on immigrants. That's what enabled radicals to flood into our homelands. I'm not accusing the average British Muslim of supporting ISIS.

    The leftists are just as responsible for these murders as the terrorists themselves are. Had the cucks listened to common sense those innocents wouldn't have been hurt. It just makes me so sick that our government continues to demonise Russia, arm ISIS, invade the ME and then lie to our faces and say they're bombing ISIS. We need to annihilate ISIS ASAP, not wipe out president Assad, who's actually on OUR side.

    May those dead rest easily and those affected live in happiness and safety from now on.

    (Original post by Rorschach II)

    More deaths to be counted, I reckon.

    How tragic

    And the implications of this; it has to happen now, just after France was considering to uplift the state of emergency, after it had already been extended twice already. Will French people ever feel a sense of normality again? Maybe it was in reaction to this news.
    Shocking, huge economic ramifications too- maintaining the state of emergency for so long is obviously justified and I massively support it but it does also drain the economy.

    Yes yes let's all blame the left wing for a mentally ill person making a decision that cost many people's lives. I swear some people amaze me
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    (Original post by Kitan.A)
    Yes yes let's all blame the left wing for a mentally ill person making a decision that cost many people's lives. I swear some people amaze me
    Mentally ill? Have you got a source for that?
Do you think parents should charge rent?
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