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Why do people hate Boris Johnson as foreign secretary? watch

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    (Original post by Bornblue)
    What exactly did he do for the Olympics?
    Being really funny? Ah great should we make frankie Boyle PM then? I'd rather a politician be good at their job than simply funny.

    * And Boris bikes were originally Kens idea.

    I'll ask in particular, what did Boris Johnson do that was so great? I'm sorry but 'being funny' doesn't count as a great political achievement.

    I'm going out on a limb here, but at a time when we need to engage in massive negotiations with other countries appointing a foreign secretary who's insulted half the planet probably isn't the best idea?

    Next up it's Rolf Harris as children's minister.

    (Original post by HucktheForde)
    I find it incredibly depressing that people would rather have a funny man as a poltiican than one who is actually good at his job.
    When I go to the doctors i'd rather have a doctor who was good at his job rather than one who makes me laugh. But maybe that's just me.

    I've asked you to name Boris's 'great achievements' as London Mayor and all you've come up with is 'he's funny'.
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    Plenty of people hated him before he was made Foreign Secretary, of course. Even before he lied to Brexit. Let's see his record as London Mayor...

    (Original post by Bornblue)
    Was he great? What were his achievements? Go on tell us...
    Well, he promised to keep ticket offices at underground stations open - there would "always [be] a manned ticket office at every station" and he.. oh, they've all gone.

    He promised to be a full-time mayor and not become an MP and he.. oh, right, he became an MP a year before his term of office ended.

    He promised to totally end rough sleeping on the streets by 2012 and he.. oh, it's doubled between 2011 and now.

    He promised to have a 'no strike' deal on the underground and he.. oh, there's been at least one tube strike every year since he was elected in 2008.

    He promised to do something about Londoners paying "the highest fares in Europe" and he... oh, he raised them above inflation in five out of eight years (the others were 'just' by inflation despite also promising that "fares will be lower in the long term".

    He promised not to raise the Congestion Charge and he.. oh, he did after being elected and re-elected.

    He promised a cabinet - obviously realising his grasp on facts was a bit loose - that would "meet on a regular basis, formal minutes will be taken, and the full agenda papers will be put on the Mayor’s website" and he.. never did set it up.

    He promised that the bike scheme - as others have said, originally planned by Ken Livingstone - would be fully funded by private sponsors and.. oh, it relies on a large TfL subsidy.

    He said "We believe that all appointments should be based on merit, and not on personal patronage" and he.. oh, appointed several friends without any form of open recruitment. The 'volunteering tzar' got a £95k/year job despite saying she had almost no experience in the field, for example. Fortunately for her, she was the only candidate considered and so she was the best as well as the worst.

    All those were 2008 promises. What about 2012?

    His 'nine point plan' leaflet sent to everyone promised "a thousand more police on the beat" and he.. oh, said in 2013 that it was a "wilful misconstruction" to suggest he actually meant it.

    It also said he'd put "£445 back in your pocket by freezing the Mayoral share of council tax" and he.. oh, the £445 was apparently a comparison with what his campaign said that Ken Livingstone would do and didn't mean that he'd actually freeze the share of council tax.

    There are so many more.

    Over four hundred years ago, Henry Wotton said a diplomat was "an honest gentleman sent to lie abroad for the good of his country". Boris Johnson has plenty of practice at lying - it's the 'honest gentleman' bit that he's so completely obviously not. As such, he's a liability.

    If you were a minister in another country, what reason would you have to believe a word he's saying? Already the French are on record as calling him a liar.
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