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Do you consider someone that speaks broken english stupid? watch

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    (Original post by Retired_Messiah)
    That's a different thing to throwing the words fam and innit around though, innit fam?
    I never said anything about throwing the odd word in, I said those who exclusively speak it.

    (Original post by Raizelcadres)
    When I was around 9 years old, my mum took me to the park and bought me an ice cream. I was playing and than some kids came, grabbed my hand and threw the ice cream away and pushed me (I don't know why). My mum saw this and she started shouting at them, the kids went away but later they came back with their mums. The other kids mums were making fun of my mums english and called her stupid whilst calling her other horrible stuff. This just annoys me so much and people in shops know what people are saying but pretend they don't know what the person is saying to tease them and think they're stupid just because they speak broken english. Smh
    The answer to your question is No, they are very intelligent but i know other people think they are stupid because they are insecure and it makes them feel better to think like that. Then they can be judgemental and think they are above that person which they are not
    That is really disgusting what all the other mum's did. That's a very good example of poor parenting to teach their own kids to make fun of someone else. And they should have made their kids alologise and they should have offered to buy you another ice cream.
    Those other mum's should be so ashamed of themselves for their behaviour, if it was the other way around they would be angry if you had knocked their kid's ice cream out of their hand. Those kids were probably just jealous cos their mum's could not afford to buy them any ice cream's.
    Your mum is way more intelligent than those other mum's and anyone else who can't speak a second language and you should tell her that. None of those people that make fun of her can speak a second language so they are the idiots and they could never learn another language because they are that stupid
    I wish i could speak a second language then i could get a job as an interpretor, i have tried to learn from books but it is so hard then i just give up. I think i would not give up trying if i had someone to teach me like learning in college.
    That is a great skill to have so i never think anyone with broken English is stupid, at least they are trying as some people come to this country and don't try to learn.
    A lot of people think anyone who can't speak English should not come here or learn to speak it before they come to England but why should they wait ? Obviously when they come here they can learn it then.
    I have met so many people who could not speak any English or very little when they came here but they learnt very quickly from books, college and talking to other people they meet.
    When English people go to live abroad or just go on holiday they don't bother to learn the language and too lazy to even try but they think every foreigner should learn English before they come to this country so they are all hypocrites.

    I think that it is important that we avoid accentuating dominant stereotypes by associating ones vernacular with their level of intelligence. This is a common practice in Britain, but is more commonly associated with derogatory remarks concerning aspects of the working class, especially young people from deprived communities. Speakers of other languages are definitely not stupid if one is to use their grasp of the English language as the benchmark. I think that some of the methods used by practitioners to teach speakers of other languages English, in an educational context can make the recipients feel slightly patronised or infantilised when presented with resources that are similar to those used to teach children language. These strategies are used in a range of contexts, and comprise of basic tools and concepts such as the use of visual, pictorial representations of a word or phrase, combined with phonic and grammatical representations/tasks to reinforce learning and eventually the user demonstrating comprehension.I might be going slightly away from the point, but I think it is important to remember that the acquisition of a secondary (or more) language is only one aspect pf the learning experience, especially in Britain where we have different vernacular, local accents and words whose meaning is contingent upon the context of the conversation, interpretation or other conventions specific to the region. To conclude my rant, I believe that calling anyone stupid is bloody mean, except under specific circumstances and that doesn't include your grasp of a language!

    If I moved to a foreign country I wouldn't be able to speak their language fluently straightaway either so my (insert whichever language) would be broken too. but I'm far from being stupid

    People who think your mother is stupid just because she hasn't learnt English fluently yet are the stupid ones. lets see them try to master your mothers language

    No, that's completely ridiculous. Intelligence is not determined by the way someone speaks. I've learnt a lot of foreigners, they have many great experience to share and they have another language under their belt. Being bi-lingual is amazing!

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