I hate my vagina to the point that it stops me from having relationships.


    (Original post by triplet3)
    Oh and dont worry I watched naked attraction too and was shocked at how tiny the girls' labias were!! You're really not alone or different, so many people have longer labias so please dont be beating yourself up anymore about this!!
    I was just looking and found some more websites that helped me to realise lots of people dont have 'pornstar' vaginas, and helped me to gain coonfidence in myself;

    You're awesome for sharing this. We come in all shapes and sizes

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    (Original post by NoPunInThisName)
    Even I saw the sincerity of what you meant Chris, what a biatch this OP is.

    Is this really the place to post this? why dont you go to a doctor or something

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I have really big labia minora - REALLY big - they both dangle down far beyond the labia majora and are very dark and wrinkly, with folds. I also have a very large clitoral hood. Everything is on show pretty much. The one time I let a guy see them, he never spoke to me again - could be for other reasons, but it definitely knocked my confidence.I constantly hear guys joking about vaginas, calling ones like mine "kebab fanny", "hanging ham" etc and it makes me feel hideous. This isn't the first time I've reached out for advice online, and every single time I get the response "if he doesn't like your vagina then he's not worth your time" etc but literally NO ONE is going to like the state of my vagina, I am 100% sure.I detest it myself and I can hardly expect others to think otherwise, or I would be deluded. My vagina is similar to those on the large labia project tumblr page, perhaps worse than some of them.I know it's trash TV but considering it has "real" people rather than porn stars and designer vaginas, I thought I'd take a look at Channel 4's Naked Attraction. Literally ALL of these women have nice, neat normal vaginas in comparison to my mess down below.I'm 22 years old and I'm still a virgin for that exact reason - I've had plenty opportunity for sex but I've been so terrified of letting people see my vagina that I've broken things off as soon as they got intimate. It's literally got to the point where any time I have the chance to date someone new I just say no straight away because I can't bear the moment they'll have to look at me down there.I definitely want a labiaplasty, but paying ~£3,000 as a student seems impossible and I'm not graduating until 2020 due to the length of my course. Is there any point in seeing my GP about it for potentially getting NHS treatment? I haven't told anyone in real life about this, ever, and I'm even too embarrassed to see my GP because I don't want them to think of me as an annoying, vain time-waster.
    1 most guys won't really care trust me. And if you want proof of this post an ad for sex on Craigslist with a picture of it and wait for the que to form.
    2 take your post to your dr and see. If it's affecting you so much psychological then you should receive help. Good luck.

    Having bigger labia, clit etc is a good thing: there's more sensitive tissue there, more for a partner to play with, caress and lick. And when you climax, probably more intense orgasms. Most guys will desire you more, not less, and you'll both be grateful for how you are.
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Updated: September 22, 2016
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