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    (Original post by L33t)
    Apparently so, I apologise was it too much for your eyes to handle?
    YES. Apology accepted.
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    (Original post by L33t)
    Apparently so, I apologise was it too much for your eyes to handle?
    Yes. Most people wont bother reading it, which defeats the pirpose of writing it in the first place.

    (Original post by WoodyMKC)
    If anyone actually sits and reads that huge wall of text, that person deserves a ****ing medal for their time and patience.
    I deserve two I read it *TWICE*

    (Original post by GUMI)
    Because women are better teachers, now before everyone bashes me for being sexist, just think about it from an economic point of view.
    Female teachers will attract the male students because sex.
    And female teachers will act as a role model to the female students.
    See it's a win win
    Also, I didn't read your wall of text
    No women are *not* better teachers.
    But mainly because there are a lot more women it's easier to assume all good teachers are women because the stats are skewed.
    I travelled Europe and seen my fair share of men/women teachers from many background.... Gender is irrelevant.

    (Original post by Fenrir22174)
    I am currently studying primary education at Bath Spa university and I have been loving every minute of it. I really enjoy teaching and working with children and I find it absolutely rewarding in every way. However despite this I very nearly did not go into this at all and have been on the verge of dropping out at many points throughout the course. I am currently a 20 year old man going into my third year of study with the overall dream of becoming a primary school teacher and as everyone who has tried to become a teacher knows it isnt easy. There is a lot of work to do and it takes a lot to stick with it. We have all had problems and faced challenges along our way and many people decide teaching is not for them but those who stick with it are dedicated to it and love what they do. I am completely commited to becoming a teacher and there is nothing I want more than for this to happen and yet I have had many doubts and been brought to tears many times throughout the process purely because it seems people believe I should not be a primary school teacher. The main problem I have had is society (friends, former teachers and family) telling me many things, and one above all others. For now a bit more background. I first went into a primary school classroom when I was in year 11 as work experience. It was the most fun I had had in a long time, it changed everything. Until then I had no idea what I wanted to do and no direction to go in but after my first day I loved it and wanted to do more. I then continued to help out throughout years 12 and 13 going in once or twice a week and helping out in lessons, experiments, school events and even field trips. I was pushed away from primary teaching many times by my head of sixth form because it wasnt an academic pursuit and as i went to a grammar school it was assumed I would do something like maths or science. I almost gave in a couple of times and changed what i was aiming for but I stuck with it and hated every interraction with my head of sixth form. The main issue I have had with becoming a teacher is the one that has reduced me to tears on several occasions and has brought me to the edge of dropping out more than anything else. Every time it is brought up that I want to go into primary teaching I get one of 2 responses. Either it is seen as very sweet and nice because I want to work with and help children. OR the news is met with many comments about me obviously being a paedophile and that being the only reason I want to go into the profession. I cannot stand hearing this and it hurts me more than anything else. I love working with children and I find it more rewarding than anything else. And to be met with comments about such a disgusting thing and being accused (even jokingly) of wanting to do that or be involved with it in any way is incredibly hurtful and pains me more than words can ever say. How is it that in todays society it can be seen as acceptable to make jokes or comments like that. How can it be that in a time when there are so few male primary school teachers and it is widely acknowledged that there is a need for more that society still tries to tear people down and constantly push them to the point where they question everything they have been doing for the past 5 years. It takes everything I have to control myself when people make comments like this (especially those I call friends or family). It is hard enough to become a teacher as it is, if you are comitted and want to go into the profession then why is that a cause for others to tear you down. It might just be me that has experienced this injustice but if there are others or any other issues like this, I would like to know. I have had many issues and I know Im not the only one. I want to hear about any issues that have been experienced. There are so many issues with teaching and teacher shortages, how can we face such an issue and still create more issues for those that want to join such an amazing, incredible and noble profession.
    Would you bother to read such a rendition from a pupil, this is awful, like one of those 19th century newspapers. Do you really want to teach? What are you qualified to teach? Insomnia?

    I would love to answer your question but reading all of that. Need a f***in miracle of patience.

    Its amazing how many people in this world still judge based on gender. It definitely needs to stop, i understand where people are coming from but its really a small minority of primary school teachers that are pedophiles.
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