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    (Original post by doctorwhofan98)
    It's expensive, but I think it'll be worth it - it's 'only' £25 extra (if I remember correctly) compared to the normal ticket, and as my flatmates liked to point out, you're only a fresher once. That being said, I might have to live off textbooks rather than food for a while now...
    My main concern is that having been to events like this before it'll be awful food which no one really like but everyone says they do because it's expected and posh and an all round boring night that you don't remember or care about in even a few weeks. Maybe if they had actually given out the menu and had it later but it kinda feels like a money trap.

    Hi guys!

    Just a bit of advice as someone who is returning to Constantine College this year.

    The formal is taking place at the National Railway Museum and it was several people's favorite part of Freshers last year. My personal view is that it was a nice place to eat, the food was great and it is a good opportunity to get to know people without all of the noise. Therefore I would personally recommend it.

    Secondly I've noticed a couple of Block Cs. I will be the Head STYC (Second, third year contact) for C1 in Freshers week so if any of you want to message me or speak to me beforehand I am perfectly happy to answer any questions that you might have.

    The third part applies to anyone who reads this who may be an off-campus student. I am the off-campus rep for at least the coming term so it is my job to make sure that you feel involved. Again please do message me with any questions or if you want the link to the off-campus facebook page where I will be providing most of my updates.

    Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.


    b1 flat 5

    E2 flat 5
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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