Birkbeck Law or City Uni law or Uni of Law or BPP?


    (Original post by Estreth)
    These are all fair comments, and it's great that Birkbeck provides an educational resource that nowhere else does, i.e. for people who can't spare the time during the working day. I must also stress that my comments apply only to the law school - I have no experience of any other department. Bbut I'm genuinely surprised that anyone thinks that it's acceptable in a university to have even two seminar leaders and one lecturer (to be precise) who can't speak adequate English.
    Just to clarify - I don't find it acceptable, but rather, it's not a deal-breaker. I recommended one be axed as I felt he was, although highly intelligent and obviously extremely knowledgable, inadequately skilled in presentational English (to be on such a platform); as opposed to his clear ability to comprehend and write perfect advanced academic/PhD level English. However, the benefits far outweighed the shortcomings by a very wide margin imho.
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Updated: October 2, 2016
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