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I think I'm bisexual but my boyfriend would break up with me watch


    >OP, I think that you will find that, if honest, most women could be considered bisexual. This has been scientifically written about. Most women (I'll not speak for all because I don't want a backlash here) can find another woman sexually attractive. They can appreciate a sexy or fit body and consider another female 'hot'. They can even feel aroused by this. The question comes into whether or not one wants to act upon those feelings. The girls I've talked to have all admitted this (which in full disclosure has only been about 5) but none of them had the actual desire to touch or be touched, or have sex, with another woman. You can certainly do with your feelings and desires what you want, and unless you're married neither your boyfriend nor anyone else gets a vote. It might change the dynamic of your relationship with your boyfriend though and that is a reality you'd have to face. He does get a say in the type of relationship that works for him to be in....just as you get a say in what works for you. Just know that what you're feeling is normal among females and doesn't necessarily make you bi unless the actual act is what you want to do. If you don't feel like you want to act upon your thoughts then they are just that....thoughts....that you can keep to yourself if you choose. Good Luck.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    This doesn't really make sense... Considering I've had these feelings long before I ever met him? It's not like I'm suddenly unhappy with him and thinking about going to women instead, or suddenly deciding that I'm bisexual just for fun. I 'feel the need to explore and even acknowledge any bisexuality' in me, because that's who I am and I feel the need to explore and acknowledge myself? Why wouldn't I want to know more about who I am and how I feel.
    Furthermore, I wouldn't be 'stirring' anything, I would just be realising myself and realising my sexuality, I'm not just making it up for fun to make him feel uncomfortable. Moreover, your last sentence doesn't make sense because being bisexual just means one is interested in both sexes, and being heterosexual means one is interested in the opposite sex. You wouldn't be worried if your partner announced they're heterosexual and start assuming they're checking out every single other person of your sex? Being bisexual =/= Cheater

    Overall I found your comment unhelpful and it didn't make much sense.
    You haven't made clear what your goal is here. I never suggested that being bisexual means you want to cheat on him, but you claim you want to explore bisexuality and 'realise' yourself and your sexuality while being in a heterosexual relationship. How do you expect to do this?

    Don't you think someone, let's say a male in this example, in a heterosexual relationship (or homosexual for that matter, if you change the genders) would find it odd if their female partner came home one day and said "Hi, honey I'm home. By the way, I think I'm also attracted to girls and I want to explore this bisexuality."

    There is no such thing as a bisexual relationship. You are either in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, heterosexual, or someone of the same sex, homosexual. Seuxality is merely the road you take to get to that relationship.
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