School is a waste of time!


    Two words:
    I agree

    Yeah it is in a way. However I like going to school to see my friends and teachers and what not. In addition to this most people are unable to self teach as they do not have the motivation or resilience required to do so.

    I will have self taught myself M1 in about 2 weeks so I am proud of that!

    I think that it depends on some factors. If education system is poor then school is definitely a waste of time. I remember from my childhood that I would only look forward to go to school for select 1 or 2 subjects because there were good teachers who knew their stuff.

    Even though I've had a rough public school experience I would probably send my kids to a public school. It builds character and the kids who want to do well usually excel. To people on TSR getting B's and C's is "under achieving" but in the general pool of students it's exceptional. Plus people with excellent academics aren't automatically well-rounded individuals. Bad experiences allow us, in my case particularly, to be more tough and headstrong. I was once the quiet kid who just went with the flow then I realised I wanted to leave my mark on this world once Im not here anymore. Although I do accept some schools in the country are appalling but I don't blame the kids. The so-called people who "don't care" sometimes don't have the spoilt lifestyle we expect them to have. There was a girl in my class who was really disruptive and we all thought the usual oh she's just spoiled - turned out her mum is a drug abuser and she's been in several different care homes - kicked out of many. She's an incredible person once you get to know her. Point is these kids "who ruin your education" are human beings with perhaps more challenges than yourself. Not to critisize your opinion but it's worth consideration.
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Updated: October 3, 2016
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