How far to take third postgraduate qualification?

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    (Original post by john2054)
    The masters which i want a place on is the mental health research degree at notts (a top university), and they have told me that i need a psychology degree, or a conversion degree, with a 2.1, to get a place. Plus i have talked to the programme leader who has both confirmed that i will need this psychology element, and that i should get a place with it. But as i already said, the conversion degree at notts is full up for this year. I don't mind taking another year out though. I need to get my meds cut down as well.
    sounds like a good plan *

    (Original post by beautifulbigmacs)
    Already doing the teacher training. Am currently doing the level 4 certificate with the aim of doing the level 5 diploma. All very part time as I'm actually not very a long term illness so I have to factor a lot around that.*

    I've worked. I've totally worked. I've worked whilst studying. I value study to the extent that I've always done it alongside work. It's not an either or.
    Good on you. You're clearly up against it and achieving everything despite health problems. It's very inspiring.

    I still think that a PhD on top of two+ (potentially three) Masters degrees, is massively outstripping what you need for FE teaching. As far as I can see, your route after the current course and teaching qualification, will be to start job hunting and/or building up actual teaching experience.
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    Thanks for your advice.

    I've decided to call it a day at PgDip. I don't think it's fair to myself to keep changing the goalposts, especially when financially it is causing me a lot of worry.

    I emailed the uni early this week and have yet to hear back from them. I kind of fantasize that they're in talks about giving me a scholarship lol! Realistically though, it's probably just that they are busy at the moment.

    No regrets. I believe that the PgDip will be suitable for what I want to achieve and I have enjoyed it immensely but with two masters degrees already, my financial and thus mental health needs some tlc
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Updated: September 24, 2016
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