You can't be shy and timid anymore to get far in life....

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    I'm the same I'm probably at the most introverted end of the scale you can get. I think being female comes with certain challenges (not saying that male introverts don't) in that I always feel that I'm expected to be chatting and laughing and with a group of girls. This has never been the case I'm very much a loner more often than not I'm on my own. When I do engage in activities with others (I run/do athletic events regularly) people tend to ask what's up, say I look fed up/tired even though Im often in a good mood lol. People often tell others that I'm 'offish' with them even though I do try. Also when girls get upset I hate it because I don't hug them and instead just end up trying to talk things through in a 'cold' way. But yes I know what you mean about parties/clubs they just make me tired/give me headache I would rather study too or listen to or if I'm feeling a little high listen to music with headphones on
    You've just described me

    As someone who used to be really shy I understand your struggle. Everyone is different - some people are just naturally quiet like me. But as soon as I started slaying my exams all of a sudden I was "worthy" of being around certain people in my year and started getting noticed by teachers. You see, at my school ethnic minorities (particularly Asians) don't do that well. I'm the only brown person in my school (that I know of in the past and present) who got an A in something like maths - 100% fam ayyye (Nat 5) . Only brown kid in my advanced higher classes - seriously, the only one. But I realised that I didn't fit in with these people because I didn't get their sense of humor - mind you, I've met some amazing people. But sometimes I feel like I get respected more than I actually deserve. It actually brings me down to think about these silent kids that drift through completely invisible. Now that I'm in my last year of school and in a position of leadership i'm thinking of making a "quiet people" club to help younger people meet new people that are similar to them rather than loud and sometimes, obnoxious extroverts.

    Disclaimer: I'm not quiet anymore tbh I kind of grew out of it but I appreciate that's incredibly tough. I also suck at thinking of answers on the spot when getting unexpected questions and torture myself by overthinking about awkward social interactions when I can't sleep,lol.

    Disagree nobody forces you onto social media. People manage without it. All the people you mentioned overcame their shyness.
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Updated: September 29, 2016
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