An idiot in politics


    (Original post by AlexanderHam)
    Ha! That reminds me of this;

    JamesN88 Bornblue
    Haha that's brilliant!

    (Original post by AlexanderHam)
    Ha! That reminds me of this;

    JamesN88 Bornblue
    Times Master Race reporting in

    (Original post by Questions4367)
    I feel so stupid because i have no idea what's going on around there world politically. I live in Crydon, England and i have no idea about political leaders, issues etc
    i really don't like this feeling and i want to become knowledgable in this area but i have no idea where to start

    Can you guys suggest any starting points or websites to lay the basics

    Thank you.
    The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Guardian and the BBC all have their biases but are generally good sources of information.

    Be skeptical of anything you read in the tabloids which are the Mail, Sun, Mirror and Express. They're all good at exposing scandals but use a lot of exaggeration and sensationalism, they're also regularly sued and pay out damages for blatantly making things up.
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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