Dont drink, hate clubbing...freshers week coming up, what should i do?


    (Original post by ichigodango)
    yeah but i dont want to go out. just want to make friends
    Then dont go out with these people. theres nothing to stop you making an effort and being sociable though as you will be living in the same flat for a year.

    If you wnat to make friends that will entail going out at some stage, but you dont have to go to nightclubs and you dont have to drink alcohol.

    (Original post by ichigodango)
    yeah but i dont want to go out. just want to make friends
    organize sth yourself
    invite some ppl to your flat (someone said sth about creating a fb event, that would be a good idea) and order some pizza, listen to old school music (shakira and bsb can spice up even the most boring gatherings), play darts, cards, poker, twister read 50 shades of gray out loud (you'll have a great laugh)

    all you need is the people.. and if everybody brings sth to eat/drink or if you all contribute like, idk, 15 pounds or sth, you're guaranteed to have a good time
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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