Right-wing AfD makes huge gains in Berlin election


    (Original post by Pinkberry_y)
    History will be kind to Merkel in time, but right now, Germany will not be

    Pinky my friend, you're spot on.
    History is written by the victors. If one thing is certain it's that one hundred years from now Germany, like most of Europe, will either be a Muslim state or heading for it. They will be erecting statues of her everywhere.
    As Gadaffi said, it will be done without firing a single bullet .
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    (Original post by nulli tertius)
    The result of this election is that Berlin's government has moved left not right.
    Due to the way the parliament and district councils work, there's no legal way to cut out a faction by ignoring them. Besides, it will greatly hurt the socialists to go in coalition with The Left party, which is seen as purely an opposition party, even more so than the AfD.

    E.g. in the last period, the Pirate Party was in charge of the BER airport commission, which was the most ridiculous disaster.

    Thankfully, the SPD will beat them.

    Quelle surprise :pierre:
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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